I went to Home Depot and did a propane cylinder exchange. The propane tank had a $2.50 rebate form from AmeriGas on it. The "customer message" on the reverse side of the rebate form explained that Amerigas is no longer putting 20 lbs of gas in a 20 lb tank, instead they are only putting in 15 lbs of gas.

With the weight of the tank, I believe this is deceptive as a consumer cannot tell whether the tank contains 20, 17 or 15 lbs of gas. Home Depot does not make its customers aware that they are only getting a 3/4 full tank. Amerigas tells you inside the "Important Customer Message" which is printed on white paper, folded up to 1" x 2" and attached to a white tank. The only place that they mention they are only putting in 15 lbs of gas in in the second paragraph of the "Customer Message" which has the rebate form on the reverse side. I would rather have a tank with more gas in it and be charged more than have my propane run out quicker.

I feel this is deceptive and dishonest.

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Springfield, Missouri, United States #839147

Propane expands!those cylinders are usually at an outside location for a long time with temps in the 100s.

For safety it is federal regulations that those exchange cylinders are filled to that.It is not any companies fault they are obeying the safety laws.

to Anonymous Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States #917957

The tanks can hold 25 lbs but are only filled to 20.If they take the 20% off of the 20 lb allowed then you are being ripped off even more.

It is true that the tank is only filled 80% but 20 lbs is the 80% mark. If your tank has a tear weight of 18lbs then the tank should weigh about 37.5 to 38lbs full. Thats what my tank reads if I refill it opposed to exchange it.

Total weight from Amerigas is never over 32lbs and I still pay the same price.Regardless of how Amerigas explains it they are ripping you off or you are allowing it to happen.

Bossier City, Louisiana, United States #823387

Does Amerigas not freaking test these *** cylinders just exchanged a bottle at local store and for the 3rd time in 6 months the *** gas spews out of the valve when hooked up and turned on.


I noticed that as I got my first tank of propane from HomeDepot recently, due to the gas station I used to use going out of the propane business. What's even worse I can get the AmeriGas to heat up my grill only to 200° F when before I could regularly get over 400° F. Looks like I'll be searching for another propane provide.


Most 20 lb tanks these days have an overfill protection device and will usually close around 18 lbs so it can not be overfilled.


I have been in the Propane industry for 34 years and a 100lb cylinder holds 100lbs at 80% @ 60 degrees.A 20 lb cylinder holds 20 lbs @ 80 %.

They advertise 15 lbs and give you around 16 lbs.

This prevents them from trouble in two ways.Any thing over 20lbs is an overfill (safety hazard) and anything less than 15 is cheating the consumer.


You may not be aware of it, however, did you know that Federal Law requires that all LP cylinders be filled no more than 80%. So, if you have a 100 LB tank, the BEST you will get is 80 Lbs.

Sorry 'bout that.

to Homeowner #598134

100# cylinders hold 100# of propane when filled to 80%. I design and work for a major manufacturer of LP gas cylinders.


no one answers the question of why a 20lb bottle is now filled only to 15lbs. it appears that ripping off the public is the sole motivation..

to Tom Jansen #598137

The 15# vs.20# came from the refillers: Suburban, Blue Rhino, etc.

It has nothing to do with any Govt regulation. It developed from a Sales decision to not raise prices but to instead reduce LP volume. We watched LP cabinet refillers drop one pound at a time till they hit 15#.

It's a practice that is annoying.

Sort of like buying a hamburger but only 3/4 of the patty comes with the bun.

How do I know?I work in the LP gas industry and watched this sillyness happen...

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