Cleveland, Ohio

On 2-04-10 Amerigas topped off my 500 gallon tank with almost 270 gallons of propane. I received the bill and it was over $1120. I called and spoke with the office manager and explained to him that I was supposed to be in a locked rate-Auto Refill etc. The manager agreed to credit the account at

a reduced rate of $2.99 per gallon or roughly $802.91 compared to the $1120.

I have waited for over two months to receive a revised bill. I received two bills which they are charging me a late charge of $60 in addition to the $3.88 per gallon propane cost. After receiving their first incorrect invoice I contacted other nearby residents and there bills were in the $1.59 to $1.79 range. I was told I would get the best price-locked in and using the Auto-Refill Package. Obviously, I am not. This is the second time I have had to haggle with Amerigas on their billing practices. The last time I just sent in a check for what they revised the cost to be. I never received a corrected invoice reflecting the actual cost per gallon.

Sunrise Propane sent me a mailer and I called them. In early March of 2010. They quoted me $1.79 per gallon-delivered. They said if I would have ordered it in February of 2010 my price would have been $1.59 per gallon. Amerigas is overcharging somewhere in the vicinity of 245% from what their competitors are presently charging. I am still waiting for a revised bill and a written locked in rate for the 2010 to 2011 season. I also want to have a written quote to pump out the 370 gallons in the tank

and to remove the tank. I want this in writing from Amerigas because I have become suspect of their poor business ethics and deceipt!!

Columbia Station OH / Amerigas Westlake OH office

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Tank Refill.

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Same problem exposes here in Montrose, CO. I called last week , may 10th, 2014 and was quoted 3.65' my friend had his tank filled by a competitor at 1.65 . Amerigas needs to be sued over price gauging .


Amerigas/now Sawyer/ has been a pain in *** for years. I could find no local competitor in JAX.

Over and over, have to call CEO. It is Jan 2014, just ordered gas at an agreed low price 1st of Jan, but when bill came-- they raised price to $5.189 (over $3 higher!!). I called, insisted on agreed price, and they shouted,told me gas had gone up!! told me to find other company,blah-blah..and plenty of competition!!

Been customer for after 40 years of service. They price gougue severely. Fla BBB does nothing. Unregulated.

THEY ARE CROOKS and LIARS. They are rude. And new CEO is just as bad as his district managers. Company is knee-deep if managers--all crooks.

Price gouging BAD in Jax- -and CEO condones it all. :cry


Amerigas is rip-off...............Just got a bill for the rental of the tank!!!$90 What a rip off.........can someone say cash cow? AND HOW ABOUT THE QUICK PRICE CHANGE ON GAS PER GALLON..!!


I hear nothing but complaints down here in VA about Amerigas, several friends have their service but, they also have their tanks, so they can f@#$% you every chance the get, I have my own tank. Last time I filled up I paid $2.19 / gal.

All my amerigas' buddies paid $3.87. Ditch them, get your own tank.

Break the spell. Oh and as far as a few comments down talking about the utilities commissions, that doesnt work down here in VA, because propane is unregulated....HA nothing you can do here in VA but bend over and take it or stop the abuse, get your own tank for gods sake!!!


Think that is bad? Try Suburban, they are worse Middletown N.Y.

office hit me 5.50 a gallon.

Ill take the 3.88. I have four 100 gal tanks.


Your delivery people recently filled my propane tank (account # 9730014000) and I had to pay a price of $4.11/gallon. The price of propane listed on a US govt website for 10/11/11 was $2.78/gallon. Since you closed the normal office I use in Westminster, I called your new Pickens office to ask about tank filling and propane prices. I was told that they could not give me an exact price prior to filling but could arrange to get a delivery scheduled.

To be equivalent to my electricity price of $0.12/KW-hr from Blue Ridge Electric, the price of propane would need to be $3.24/gallon. This is from a US fuels comparison website. You charged me $4.11/gallon and then I received a bill for tank rental fee that is much higher than last year. Are you trying to rip people off to make more money from moving the office?

Needless to say I am an unhappy customer My neighbor gets his propane from Blossman Gas and they just filled his tank for $2.89/gallon. I spoke with the Blossman manager myself and he said they have never changed more than $3.19.

For your information the cost of home heating at your current prices is $60/mm btu at 78% efficiency and the cost of electric resistance heat is $35/mm btu at 100% efficiency. Furthermore, I can currently buy propane at any Pilot Truck Stop in SC for $3.69 even including highway taxes in some cases. I hope you see why I am complaining.


We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.


yes amerigas are like used car sales people,but as the consumer you have to be on guard to get the best rates.With Amerigas every year when your contract is up you have to negotiate your new rate for the next 12 months


Kimberly, you sound like typical sue-happy white trash. When you don't get your way, you whine and complain to someone further up the chain until you stumble across a person who just doesn't have the patience for an adult baby such as yourself, and gives you a pacifier to shut you up.

Please die in a fire, preferably while also suffering from horrific cancer. What a *** ***.

Why should a board of directors be bothered because this customer was too *** *** to lock their rate in during the summer when it's cheap?

It would take a complete retard not to sign up for a program that gives you much cheaper rates, yet they waited until winter before even calling to check up on their account. Learn what the *** is going on before you start offering your trailer park advice.


To the poster - KimberlySpreadsHerLegs...I'm sorry we missed you at your stop. I saw you standing there, in your protective head gear, but you looked like you were - once again - off your meds....and your mental deficiency coupled with psychotic episodes ( like your posting on here ) preclude this short bus driver from picking your crazy *** up.


You can go online and file a complaint with the Public Service Commision, but I have found that to get great results, do a search and locate the email addresses for each individual on the board of directors, then email each one of them...I did this with Ferrel Gas and got my issue resolved before I fired them.


Any propane company is going to charge existing customers more than new customers. Are you retarded? Also, it's YOUR responsibility to setup your lock-in and ensure your price.

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