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I worked for Amerigas for 2 1/2 years. Love it when the company you work for post million dollar profits and employees get a 16 cent raise.

CRR"s are the face of the company, take all the *** from unhappy customers, have to explain why their gas cost more than the competitiors and your "bonus" is based on keeping customers. Impossible to do!

I would rather freeze to death than use them for a supplier! Also, the boss I worked for was ex-military...expected his employees to be "good little soldiers" we called him the Marlboro man.....the original red headed ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Colleen, Maybe if you had been a better employee and been able to do your job without the emotional baggage (crying and running to the ladies room at every mistake or coaching opportunity) you would have received a better raise.


I've worked for Amerigas for four years. Thank God I moved on.

That place is a total mess! As the CRR, I had to put up with so much abuse from the customers due to corporate being stingy and unorganized. I truly looked at my customers as my neighbors and did the best I could to help them.

But, your hands are tied and corporate will still do whatever they want. As a local employee it's impossible to make a difference.


I know what u mean. Last winter we all got cut to 40 hrs no more overtime, because volume was down and winter was mild.

Amerigas told us times were tough and need to watch cost and overtime.

Well, I guess times where not that tough since, the corprate big wigs got a big FAT BOUNS 90% of their annual salary. One board member got a million 44, his yearly salary is million 99.

It's all about the big wigs getting there millions, while the workers struggle and get below cost of living raises, no matter how well you do your job.

@Propane Guy

I worked for AmeriGas for 13 years. I was treated very well, and I in turn did the best I could for the company.

Raises in my office were based on performance. I always received great reviews, and good money. I had to leave my job, due to being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

I miss my job more than anything. In all the years I worked there I met many employees with the same complaints like yours, they were sub-par employees at best.

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