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Amerigas is an unethical, deceitful, and disreputable company. If you have a choice of any other locally operated propane company then you would be well advised to run in their direction. Over the past year, I have had a multitude of problems with Amerigas forcing me to phone the abyss of the national office. They changed their computer system in October forcing me off of their books as customer who pays automatically. Despite signing up four times to be added back to their system, they were never able to get me back on-line. This was annoying, but not enough to lose me as a customer. I just did not enjoy the hassle of sending my payments "snail mail" after I was notified that my account was "past due" when their system did not operate as promised.

The real trouble which will cause me to leave Amerigas is their despicable price gauging. I am supposed to be on automatic fill-up, but noticed right before Hurricane Irene that my tank was dangerously low. I operate a generator from my tank, so I called Amerigas right away for delivery. They told me they could be there in four days. After the hurricane, I was concerned about that delivery date and called for confirmation. Of course, I could never get live person locally or nationally. Thankfully, I happened to flag down kindly delivery man who who filled me up. Today I got the bill--they are charging me $1.00 more per gallon (on a thousand gallon tank!) than any of the five local competitors that I called. Amerigas is charging me $3.80 per gallon while the other locals charged between $2.50-$2.85 on that same day. Amerigas also charges two fees (a "HazMat fee of $9.95 and a "Fuel Recovery Fee" of $7.77) just to pull into the driveway. Some local companies tack on an $8.00 delivery fee and some do not.

Amerigas, if you are following these comments, I offer you the following advice. Take the initiative and leave me a phone number with a REAL person at the other end. I have spoken with lots of machines, and live people who offer to leave messages. I would contact the BBB but you are already non-accredited in my area due to the high number of claims against you. Therefore, I will be contacting the Attorney General of Virginia over your despicable business practices. I will be satisfied when you reduce my price per gallon for the August 31st delivery to $2.80 per gallon and when you sell me my tank for one dollar. If any other readers are tired of the Amerigas shaft, let me know. We can join together.

Angela Drozdowski

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

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It took 3 months to get your tank picked up because, SHOCKINGLY, propane companies are busy this time of year. Rub your two brain cells together and think really hard and maybe you can figure this out.

When it gets cold outside people need propane delivered. Propane companies are busy doing that and taking care of their worthwhile customers, not bending over backwards to take care of whiney losers who want to pitch an infantile fit about their tank not being picked up. Yes, the largest propane company out there that's been in business for over 50 years has made their fortune by ripping off poor hillbilles. Right.

Your stupidity is off the charts. Did you ever stop to think maybe it takes more than a day or two to process and send out a refund?

And that maybe that had to pick up and pump out your tank before that refund could be accurately determined? It's cool, don't stop and think, just whine and cry on the internet like a child.


I have NEVER in my life seen a company as unorganized and deceitful as AMERIGAS !!! The salesman is good and tells you one thing - the ladies in the office are dumb as nails or pretend at being dumb VERY well !

IT TOOK THEM THREE MONTHS to remove our tank !!!

They still were charging us and promised us we would not be charged and receive a check for the propane left in the tank - of coarse that is not what they did - they kept the propane and our MONEY :( I will not even go into WHY we cancelled their service. Should NOT be in business at ALL !!!!


I agree. I have Amerigas by default.

The company I originally used was sold to Amerigas and now I am locked in because I have an in-ground tank. Amerigas will not sell me the tank and now wants to charge me a rental fee. I do not like dealing with them and I would not if I could buy my tank and they know it. When I call for pricing I am quoted one price but billed another higher price.

I called was quoted $3.63/gal and billed $3.83. (My neighbor had his above ground tanks changed and went with a local company and was only charged $2.85/gal.) When I call them on my overcharge they just say we will credit you. Unless I dig out my tank and return it I have no choice but to use them.

(for now) I believe Amerigas business practices have been unethical for years. This may be the year I finally get rid of them.


Hello Angela550, I'm sorry that you are having issues with your account. Please send your account details to or so we can proptly assist you. Thank you, Fran


An update: A live person called me back last night ( a manager named Vanessa) who said that she would amend my bill for the "summer fill up" price and "only" charge me $2.89 a gallon--still more than any of the five local competitors I spoke with, but much better than the $3.80 I was billed.

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