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We live in southern NH and have been having 1 heck of a winter… We checked the propane level Monday night and noticed we were getting low. My husband called Tuesday morning to place an order and was told to going rate was $4.80 a gallon. Now we are "forced" to use Amerigas as they own our propane tank so we sucked it up, placed and order and Paid the balance for the delivery in full. We have still not had a delivery as of 1:30 pm today. When my husband called for an updated delivery time this morning he was told by the rep that answered that it is a busy time of year for them and they will get there sometime before Friday and our driveway "better be plowed". This is not the first time the person who answers the phone has been rude and condescending.

We have followed up with Energy North who quoted us a price of $3.61 a gallon. This is their normal rate not a special new customer rate or a special rate for pre-ordering.

I have already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau who informed us that although they can file our complaint the propane industry is not regulated in NH so they cannot do anything about the price gauging.

Amerigas Employees - How do you sleep at night knowing you are gauging your prices like this for your normal everyday residential consumers?

I am totally disgusted. If you are reading reviews to base make up your mind between Amerigas and another propane company choose the other one and save yourself a bunch of money and a huge headache. I can't wait for the spring to get rid of them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

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This company is ran by the devil. I completely feel your pain.

We have been through *** with them and they put hard working families with young children out in the cold with no heart or soul towards them. By far the worst customer service and untruthful company in America.


every company is going to be rude when they've had to go back becasue you won't plow driveway *** for brains a bobtail ways about 40,000# your car ways around 4000# so yep your car don't sink


ENERGY NORTH is now Ameri-gas. Good Luck


@ NoonegivesaShit - the Market rate is not $4.80 a gallon nor is it $4.99 a gallon. I called around and the average going rate for Will Call is $3.61 a gallon and if you are on Automatic it was $3.41 a gallon. The company I chose to go with is offering me an introductory rate on the first $400 gallons we buy of $2.09, so no we are not comparing the introductory rate to the Market Rate - Apples to Apples I did my research, as maybe you should before inserting your foot into mouth.

As for locking in, we did not have the money to lock in at a lower rate. If I did I would have. We have fallen on hard time, I have taken a job that is 1/2 of what I was making. I guess I must be "Retarded" and that is why I lost my job!

As for whinning, that is called freedom of speech...I guess I should lock in the market rate for that as well.

As for Personal Responsibility, I work 2 jobs, one of them is cutting and splitting wood. I have plenty of personal responsibility.

Thanks for not giving a ***, I just wonder why if you don't give a *** you took the time to respond. eh?


MadinNh speaks the truth! Talk about price gouging and condenscending attitude over the phone out of the Londonderry Nh office! I too WAS a customer of Amerigas since 1999 but just left today and I'll tell you why.

4 weeks ago my wife called Amerigas to come put gas in our tank and she was immediately quoted 4.55 a gallon. I was in LA at the time so my wife called me and told me the price and I about fell off my chair. I immediately called Londonderry office and lady on phone said do to me being a COD customer that was the price. I said that was unacceptable for a cash price and she put me on hold. Came back 2 minutes later (am I at a used car lot????)and told me she could give me 3.99 gallon. I then asked her why my wife wasn't offered that price and she would not give me a straight answer. Needing gas, I agreed to 100 gallons at 3.99.

Fast forward to today. Went to check tank and it was at 18% so I called Amerigas to buy more propane. Guess what quote came in at??? 4.99 a gallon!!!! WTF!!! I asked why in just 4 weeks when I got filled it was a buck cheaper and once again in a very rude tone told me that was the rate and i had no choice to pay it. Would not budge from the price. Even gave me to a supervisor who was nice but would not budge off of 4.99. He told me national was coming down on his office hard and that if he gave me a cheaper price he would have *** to pay. I immediately told them I would be looking for a new gas company and guess what...I found one.

Called Viking Propane and within 4 hours had a rep from the company come out, check out my appliances and determined I use 800-1000 gallons of propane a year. Quoted me a price of get this...3.20 a gallon. I told him to book it Dano and give the Amerigas bastards a 500 gallon tank and I bought 500 bucks worth of gas from him today!

Amerigas is disrespectful out of their Londonderry office, price gouge and treat you like absolute *** If you need propane in NH, STAY AWAY FROM AMERIGAS!!!! Go with Viking Propane!


don't feel bad they treat there help and subs contractors just as bad. I use to be a sub for them I learned real fast what a *** company amerigas\pti (yes they are the same)were. I no longer work there and I send all people to your good old local company not a bogus corp.


Charging $4.80 per gallon for propane in the dead of winter is not price gouging. Stop being such a bunch of whiny bitc hes.

Why didn't you lock your price in during the summer when prices are much lower? I wonder if your congressman knows how retarded you are for leaving yourself at market rate for the winter. Also you're comparing the current customer pricing at Amerigas to new customer pricing at another company. ANY PROPANE COMPANY is going to offer lower-than-current prices to try to lure you over.

I guess you'd have to be non-retarded to stop and think about that one. And yes, deliveries aren't made within a day or two of you placing your order. This is nothing new.

Once again, if you weren't a complete retard, you'd know that deliveries are always at least 1-7 days and would place your order before you have less than a week's worth of fuel in your tank. All this personal responsibility and thinking ahead stuff must hurt your pea brain, huh?


She is not programmed with that response.


I wonder what WMUR will think about the price gouging? Maybe even my congressman or senator.


So Robo Fran... is Amerigas going to adjust the rate we paid for our 150 gallons of gas at $4.80 a gal. I hope so, I called up EnergyNorth and they only charge their customer 3.61 a gallon(that will call, not automatic) I have no issues paying fair market value, but really when all the other propane companies around you are more than $1 a gal cheaper.


It's Robo-Fran!


Why does it even need to come to this before we get good service. The customer service I recieve from the Londonderry office is pitiful.

They cut you off before you finish your sentence, have no sense of empathy. And can you explain how it is you charge someone $4.80 a gallon when the place down the street is $3.61 a gallon, same day, same product.

Is it because we are stuck using you because we use your tank? I am suprise you have custoemrs left.


Thought everyone would get a kick out of this. Not 3 minutes after my post, Fran from Amerigas reached out to me.

I sent her my account information as she said she could help. Well about 10 minutes later a I got an email saying she called our local office and talked to Joy and we would have our delivery by EOB tomorrow.

This is so funny as Joy was the rep who was rude to my husband this morning and we still have a delivery time of "sometime" before Friday. Amerigas your are absolutely ridiculous!!!!


Hi, this is Fran from AmeriGas. I’m sorry to read that you are having issues with customer service in southern New Hampshire.

I’d like to assist and help you as soon as possible – please email me at customerfirstfran@amerigas.com with your account details so we can look into your situation. Thanks, Fran.

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