Charlotte, North Carolina
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I pay in advance. Accept delivery on their schedule.

I called for price. $3.45. Neighbor paying $1.99 Amerigas explanation; you are "locked in" but we will lower our price to keep you. How unethical is that?

Instead of treating me well, they charge their best customers the highest price. Now they have missed 3 appointments to pick up their tank and begin the process of returning my $380.00. Rude, unresponsive theft. I wrote letters to the corporation but no response.

I have spoken to people in the industry and they tell me that the price gouging is company policy. I was an Amerigas customer for 8 years.

Comparing my price with my neighbors records show they have overcharged me $1140.00 in just the past 3 years. Please do not do business with this company.

joe myers

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I am dealing with price issues as well. I feel we should get together on this and start a class action suit.

I don't need to get into my story because it's to long. If you can go out and find hard proof, fact'S ect... We will be able to do something about this....I have started an e-mail account, this is our staging area for the suit.

IF YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS CONTACT We have a case if everyone gets together with there own info,facts, and hard evidence we can WIN!!!!! Please contact this e-mail LETS STOP THE PRICE MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!


I bought an Amerigas propane cylinder for my gas grill. I lit my grill and the next thing I know my tank is on fire. I called Amerigas, they sent two guys out. One of the guys said,( and I quote) What would make you happy, how about we buy you a new grill, you don't want a million dollars do you? So I say sure a new grill would be great since mine is ruined. Then their insurance company calls and says, we can't replace your grill, just the part that was melted. Well, this company needs to be taught a lesson. For all of you having price gauging issues there is this attorney,

Andrei Rado, Esq.

Milberg LLP

One Pennsylvania Plaza, 49th Fl.

New York, NY 10119-0165

Phone number: (800) 320-5081

Email: arado@milberg.coma

As for my issue, I am out a grill and will never by an Amerigas cylinder again.


I have been overcharged by amerigas for the last time. They bought out Spensor brother's propane in Richmond, VA and since my rates have gone up 50%.

They are a bunch of crooks. If you call to get a price per gallon at the richmond local office they can not even give you an answer because they have over charged so many people they can't keep their lies straight. every other propane company i called gave me a very easy and direct answer $2.65 and $2.50 per gallon.

Amerigas just charged me $4 per gallon. They run a very shadey and crooked business.


We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.


They price gouge pretty bad! I worked for them I KNOW!!!

They give their employees 21cents raises and cut their hours to 36 for 6 months!! They are a terrible company to work for!But, they have the money to send the managers to big conventions and big citys for a bunch of bs!!!Plus give them nice gifts and shirts and jackets!


For satisfaction You must contact the president eugene bissell at home. The address is 1400 Beaumont Drive, Gladwyne, Pa.

Go by and visit.

His wife Johann is very hospitable. They will provide you with refund information.



I have had serious problems with Amerigas. Thier pricing is crminal in nature. I had no problems for years and then I noticed the bill seemed high but I did nothing as they had been reliable previuosly. Another extremely high bill came in and I started researching. The MFSOB's were charging me over five dollars a gallon when Suburban was charging 3 dollars.

When I called to complain the office blamed the corporation and adjusted my price to 30 cents or more above Suburban propane's prices. The next fill the same thing happened. I attempted to change to suburban propane but they refused claiming that my flu was not up to code.

I purchase a tank from Amerigas to lower my price and that worked for 1 fill then back to the same criminal of billing me 1.50 to 2.50 above the going retail rate.

Aero propane moved into the County I change to Aero and so far no problem.

Just before changing to Aero Amerigas came out to repair a leak that occured during major renovations to my home.

The bozo's they sent broke my plumbing, the well had to be turned off until it was repaired, did not weather seal the hole from the external tank where the line enters the house and then attempted to charge me $500.00 to replace a 1ft piece of pipe that had a nail in it.

It will be a cold day in *** when they see that money.


The man above is correct. Amerigas does gouge it's good customers. Bad business.



You continue to whine and cry instead of addressing anything logically. It is obvious that you're completely unequipped to have any sort of intelligent conversation about your issue. You also can't seem to get it through your thick skull that I'm neither an Amerigas employee, nor am I from New Jersey.

You're not supposed to inhale the propane fumes.


You have attacked my family on behalf of your company. This is unacceptable. It's time we all met in person.

I'm inviting everyone who has a complaint against Amerigas to join us. Let's meet at Mr B's mansion for a little family barbcue this Sunday at 2. The address is 1400 Beaumont Drive, Gladwyne, Pa.

From your house take I-76 to Hollow Road then right on 23, Youngsford, Monk and Beaumont. Bring the kids.

Joann has a burning desire to meet me. She REALLY dislikes Gene doesn't she? Shows that money cannot buy happiness.

It can only buy a *** like yourself to do his dirty work. Do you like getting butt-*** by your boss, ***?


Actually Joe, I'm just someone who gets his kicks from poking at the cages of retards such as yourself from time to time. Your self centered tirade in response to a simple comment shows just how overinflated your ego and self image are.

I'm sure a company with 1.3 million customers really gives a dump about the thousand dollars a year they were making off of you.

You're an internet tough guy. Take away your keyboard and monitor and you're not half the *** *** you are online. This is the only spotlight you can find, so you prance around like you're some sort of consumer savior.

Face the facts. You're not a pimple on Eugene Bissel's ***. The guy could lose his job tomorrow and still be set for life. As for AmeriGas, take a look at their stock prices lately. On the rise, as usual. So much for your whiny little letter writing campaign.

I wouldn't be such a *** if you actually had a good reason to complain, or presented yourself in an even remotely professional manner. You do neither of these things. Instead you're just another chimp with a bullhorn who is going to flail around and throw his poo in an attempt to feel like a real man for once in his life. Get lost.


You have revealed that:

1) You are an Amerigas employee

2)You are searching for my promised presentation

3)Eugene Bissell knows I have called him a coward

4)Your company is worried that they have reached the limit of"what the market would bear"

5)There are many people in your company that are aware of my complaints but cannot respond

6)By attacking my family you are brutal bastards. I do not take such threats from your company.

7)You are probably from New Jersey


Be aware that Amerigas monitors this site and tries to belittle people who complain.


This is where we see just how this company responds.

You are bold in your cowardice, sir?


just found out today they want 98.00 plus tax to come pickup tank at end of current yr rental they still concider the end of your year rental to be terminating your acct and charge to come get their tank.


Sorry, I was respondining to iblevinu2. I live by and have proved that quick sales and small profits will make you more money than waiting for the big buck. If I had the chance to prove it to Amerigas The consumers and profit holders would both be happy!



Do you really think anyone gives a s hit about some Powerpoint presentation you and your mentally challenged son put together? You've been posting on here for weeks/months that you're "presenting this next month to 13513513 businesses" but it never happens.

You also pull stories out of your a ss in an attempt to look like some sort of know-it-all, but you look like a complete retard to those who know what really goes on at the company. If you were as intelligent as you say, you'd have something better to do than posting your bulls hit on a website that's little more than a pile of thinly veiled advertisements.


I disagree. Should a person driving a Chevy Suburben pay less for gas than a person driving a Yugo ?

If so that person would buy gas at a different gas station!

You are bad for business for Amerigas and will eventually make the company fail with this train of thought. All customers are equally important to the success and survival of Amerigas!


The problem is:

1) It is Amerigas CORPORATE POLICY to overcharge their customers until caught. With my letterwriting I have been contacted by dozens of people in the same position. I have been contacted by many more thanking me for alerting them to this policy.

2) That "usage based pricing is relevant" does not make it right. They overcharged me by 71% ($1.99 vs $3.45), also I am not a low usage customer. Your argument does not address the problem.

Your argument that "charging everyone the same is like putting all your apples in one basket" makes no sense. Fair price and good service is what keeps companies in business. To suggest that overcharging to this degree is necessary is baloney.

3) They were a good company until Eugene Bissell, the coward, took control and instituted their "overcharge the locked in customer" policy.

4) My son has done a GREAT 7 minute Powerpoint presentation that I will personally present to 1100 business leaders next month. It clearly demonstrates their policy using their own words. Several past employees have contacted me to confirm what I say is true. I'll make it available on-line free.

I have sent 2 handwritten, snail mail letters to corporate officers. I've called 4 times and written 5 complaint e-mails to Amerigas. I have received NO response from the company, except yours. They've been caught red-handed and cannot respond. A thief never admits wrongdoing.


William W

I am a consumer just like you.My anonymity in this forum is not ment to upset anyone ,but a name I hope that will be associated with balanced logic and a common ground of mutual knowledge that can be intellectually beneficial for anyone. I do not agree with the single price for all,regardless of usage or size capacity.The reason is simple,if a company charges everyone the same,it would be the same as putting all your apples in the same basket ,in the hopes that everyone will stay your customer and all you can do is grow.

Buying power helps when you have the market cornered ,but what happens if the supply becomes limited and you can't charge more in order to buy more for your customers needs? A good example would be if you are in a small market and your have the exclusive contracts to sell big volume accounts like farms or say state contracts,or even big box retailers. Your buying power as a company is great and you buy from a supplier that can keep you in supply. What happens after awhile and you prebuy the gas for your customer base at a set price,the market goes crazy, the big users like say a farm or two(2),go out of business and you can't buy in the volume you need to stay competitive?

In short you would be out of business,or selling out to a company who has a more structured pricing.At Amerigas if your tank is too large for your usage ,you should be downsized to something more suited for your own benefit. The same applies if your tank is not large enough for your demand. Pricing based on demand usage is relevant. Just because a customer does the right thing and conserves and upgrades equipt,or has energy saving thru properly conditioned appliances does not mean they will get lower prices.

I'm trying to show you that not everyones usage is the same and same prices will not retain all customers. I hope I exclaimed this clearly.To exclaim about picking up your tanks expediently,I can't understand why they would want to not get it and issue you a monetary reimbursement.I can't believe they don't want you to have the money or they want you to be an upset excustomer as you are suggesting. Could it be a problem of not putting YOU ahead of customers that want to do business with them? Oct,Nov, Dec are typically the most hectic time for any wintery seasonal company.

Extra people are hired. Transport equipt is pushed to the limit. Delivery routes are filled. Any good business adjusts to the demand.

I'm sorry You feel Amerigas let you down. I don't think Amerigas is as bad as you suggest,otherwise you would not have stayed eight (8) years.

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