Barnstable, Massachusetts
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Amerigas acquired Kingston propane here in Southeastern Mass/Cape Cod. after 15 years of being fine with service and price point, this is quickly a disaster.

No notification of change from either company. Just a different truck arrived one day and dropped off ~350 gallons. Bill that followed was at over 4.50 per gallon and this was last fall. Called customer service about getting better rate, no help, but they will see what they can do and get back to us. Never happened.

next delivery in early january. ~460 gallons. Bill comes at $4.95 a gallon. calls to Customer Service to get ridiculous stories about how that is actually a good rate.

ask to speak to supervisor/manager but this is refused. Told manager will call us, never happened.

ask about the volume discount plans clearly shown on Amerigas web site, told they don't offer those anymore.

call back asking for price to buy tank and end this relationship. told they don't sell the tanks because it creates a liability for them.

This is clear price gouging.

we will be going to attorney general on Monday.

has anyone gained any satisfaction going to BBB??

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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time to change long as you are not under a contract, you can choose a new provider who will bring their new tank and put the old amerigas tank by the road for amerigas to pickup. The new provider may sell you a tank or simply rent for prices before you have to refill your tank


That isn't price gouging. Those are the prices that people are seeing all over the country with all the companies.

Selling tanks is a liability.

Protective pricing programs are available June-October to enroll in. You can choose a budget program or just a lock in price program for an annual fee.

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