Greenville, California
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my wife and I rent a 3 bedroom mobile home. we are being charged $150 a month propane bill.

Our plan is their estimate annual usage of a 3 bedroom home. how can they possibly esimate how much we use. we burn firewood in the winter. Don't even have the pilot light turned on for the furnace.

we don't use our gas cooking stove. only the water heater(brand new) is used for propane. we even wash our laundry in cold water.

somebody explain to me how we could possibly use $150 in propane a month. We are both disabled and on fixed incomes


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Update: we have talked with our local Amerigas rep. She was very nice and helpful.

She got our situation straightened out. Have to say Thank You to our local Amerigas office.

I am sure I over reacted to the situation. Its just frustrating at times dealing with a big corporation.


To any Amerigas California customers with complaints. Go to,

State of California Attorney Generals Office, Department of Consumer Affairs website. They have the forms you need online.



I just sent Amerigas corp HQ another email complaint yesterday since they failed to respond to my previous email, sent to them around 8-1-11.

So much for your BS advice.


Hello Shaylon, We would be happy to discuss your account options with you. Please send your account details to or so we can proptly assist you. Thank you, Fran


It's based of your previous usage and what they estimate from the appliances you have. If you don't use much, let them know.

Try talking to these people at the gas company instead of venting here. I used to work at a compeditor of Amerigas but we mostly use the same policy regarding budgets.


Get off that annual plan right away.

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