Placerville, California

My mother, who is on a fixed income, and also a (now former) AmeriGas customer called to get a quote on the current price per gallon before having her tank filled. As prices are usually less in the Summer, she and I were both astounded when she was quoted $4.11/gallon! I then called the AmeriGas office myself and I was quoted $3.82/gallon, and I live only 5 miles from my mother. We both own our tanks, live in the same area, so why would she be paying MORE?. Knowing that propane is regulated, and that all propane companies in the area pay the same price for their propane, I called two other competitors in the area and was quoted $2.25/gallon. That's MORE like it. When I inquired with the AmeriGas office why your prices were so high, I was told that the prices are set at your corporate office and that you do not "match prices". Well, it's kind of a no-brainer that I would NOT want to stay with AmeriGas and pay approximately $4/gallon.

My mother has already established with another company and, on top of everything, they were kind enough to give her a 5 cent per gallon senior citizen discount. I will also be leaving AmeriGas to go with another company. Please explain to me WHY or HOW AmeriGas is charging SO MUCH MORE per gallon than everyone else in my area? I feel taken advantage of by a company I trusted for the last year. My mother is disappointed because she really like her "driver" and the service she received, and how awful that she was quoted a higher price than me when she is on a fixed income.

We live in a small town in the California foothills. I've NEVER, EVER paid $4/gallon for propane in the 24 years I've lived here and used propane.

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