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Just looking over the complaints that customers are saying about Amerigas Propane , I was an employee for 7 yrs in the Customer Service and Sales Dept of the Company!! It upsets me to see that the real issue here is about education beteween the customer and the employee and proper docomentation.

When I was in the department of Customer Service and Sales my goal was to educate the customer on ever aspect of what Amerigas had to offer, IE: Hazmat fees, pump out fees ect.. If a customer did not understand what I was talking about I always took the time to explain everything, yes the goal was to get the customer to choose Payment plans and prebuys and line protection plans and in return we had sales goals. Sales was not my plan, The plan was for me to make sure we had very satisified customers and that they fully undersatand everything I told them and then the deal was sealed and delivered. The only issues that we ran into was if the weather was bad, snow,rain sleet and maybe a few tornado threats then would have to set for another day!!!

Again I wish I could go back and do it all over again. My husband still works with the Co and he has his ups and downs but he has been treated well and if there is any issues his Managers are there for him. I am very sad to see that there is large amounts of issues and still has not been resolved. If I had my way I would work very hard to try and work out the issues.

The Motto for AmeriGas is "Customer First"" And it should be. I hope by putting this out there that the ones that have or are deciding to change Companies would really think about it and look at the pros and cons about swiching over to other companies. Reality is that the Grass is not Greener on the other side. You end up sometime wishing that you decided to say with AmeriGas.

Last but not least is that the one thing I do have to say about AmierGas is they really care about Saftey. No other Company will have a 24 7 emergency call center. You can get a leak and they will be out be for you know it!! I would be happy to talk to anyone about Amerigas!!

Good or Bad!! I belive in this Company with everything I have!!! Always will!! And there is always problems where you go.

but just turst that upper management can fix it!! Ex employee happy to say Amerigas is the Best!!

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I have been an Amerigas customer for about 5 years. The first 3 were great, but these last 2 were awful!!!

I was in the hospital and when I got home I checked my tank and it was at 10 percent, so I called them on 12/19/2011 and placed an order. I paid for it and the money was deducted from my account on 12/21. When I placed the order and informed them it was 10% I was told they would put a rush on it. On 1/2/2012 I called the local office and it was closed due to the holiday so I was forwarded to the national customer service center.

The girl told me that she saw where I called and placed the order and where it was paid but couldn't seem to find the order for it to be delivered. She said she would email the local office and that they would contact me the next day. They never did, so I called them this morning and now they told me it would be here by Friday!!! I asked them that if my tank went empty and they required an inspection of the lines before filling it (this is what I was told I would have to do if I went empty) were they going to pay for it since it wasn't my fault that the delivery ticket was never submitted.

I got no answer for that. My furnace and stove both run off propane and I am afraid to run either for fear of running out. If this were an isolated issue I could understand an oversight, but the same thing happened last year and I had to keep calling them for a couple weeks before it was finally delivered. I admit that it is my fault that it ran so low, and I get one delivery a year so I am not a high dollar customer that gets 3 or 4 deliveries a year, but they didn't forget or have any delay in getting their money so why do I have to wait and keep calling?

I have seen their trucks in my neighborhood almost every day so how hard could this be??? :upset


Don't take it out on the employees, Just as no one likes the IRS or other government agencies, the employees are working to do a job. If you speak to the employees with respect you'll receive the much wanted professional respect and service.

If you cuss and act a fool don't be surprised to be treated like a fool.

The employees don't get paid to be cussed at. How would you like it if your mother or daughter worked for a company and was cussed out for corporate decisions educated or not?


Don't believe their recording about their customer service being important to them. I had different issues each time trying to get someone to fix a problem at the tank and each time, no one took accountability for the issue, just blamed others saying "we don't do that and if you had talked directly to me, I would have told you".

Then she promised to have someone come at noon but they came at 11 when no one was home. The answer - sometimes they don't put am or pm on the ticket. Then called to register a complaint, was told manager tried to call me back but there were no messages left that they tried to call. After finally coming out (after being told I may change companies) the trouble was with the tank - still charged me after being told there would be no charge if the trouble was with the equipment.

I don't know how they stay in business!

Will see if a manager calls me tomorrow or the next day (48 hours to return to a customer with a complaint?

come now). Better Business Bureau here I come.


contemplating changing companies. our tank valve was faulty last winter and 2 delivery drivers said it needed changed.

so when the tank was near empty i called the company and they said they didnt know anything about changing the tanks. so they filled it again. finally this october we got the tank changed after multiple phone calls. We've gotten one fill-up since april and they're trying to charge us for THREE deliveries!

I have two young children and cannot be without heat. I called Dec. 23rd trying to resolve the problem with no success. Called again today to be told my local company is closed and the emergency center cant do anything about the additional charges but they will be glad to deliver if I pay the charges plus $175 emergency fee.

I told them there was no way I was paying for propane that wasn't put in my tanks and the lady tells me she can send a note to my local company and have them call me. No thanks I'll call them myself first thing tomorrow morning and someone better have the answer that I wanna hear or I'll simply get a different company that wants to take care of their customers resonably.


I would like to talk to the person that wrote the note about how much he likes Amerigas and how he has worked for the company for a number of years. I have had two years of *** with this company, I have never been so upset as I am now.

You say the customer needs educated, you call me and I will educate you. I have yet to call and get the same answer twice.


Extremely rude. Do not deliver when they say they will even when paid in advance.

Charge more because I don't consume a lot.

Get upsetand evasive when asked about price. I will be selling the house and will be advising new owners to shop elsewhere for gas


I called my cable company and if there was no problem with box I would be charged a service fee, if there was a problem no charge.

I took my truck in for a diagnostic test, no problem I paid the fee. Problem found cost of test applied to repair bill.

I called HVAC change my filter, 15-20 minutes and a 1hr service fee.

Called Amerigas about possible gas leak. No leak I would be charged, leak inside unit would be red tagged and/or tank locked off. Amerigas equipment at fault no charge.

I could go on and on about everyone that charges to come to your home for a service but it would be a waste of time talking to these redneck dirt bags.

I may not always get great service but they do care about thier customers safety and I'll gladly pay thier fee's for my families safety.

Drivers and Service Techs do the best they can with what they have.


When you become a customer of Amerigas and the tank is there's they offer different offers so that it would be easier for both you and the Company. Tank is already there and you just move in, either you bought the property or you are renting.

First thing should be that we see if the tank is there's or it was the customers before you, And it is all about saving you money and getting you the service you need. Maybe there should be better Customer Service but I know not all people are the same. And the goal for both Amerigas and the customer is to ask lots of questions before you make a decision. IE is the tank Amerigas's tank or is it your tank, if you just bought the location the realitor can answer that question for you because not all people know.

Then next task is to asking pricing, ask about what programs they have available in your area. My best offer would be to go on a budget program and get locked in for the year and also go on Auto delivery so the tank can be monitored and if you run out AmeriGas is to take care of all the fees if you do run out of gas. Will do a gas leak for you to make sure everything is working right the *** about that is if there is anything worng is that you will have to have the appliances fixed at your cost but it is a saftey issue for you. I am sure you would like to know if everything is working right.

I would hope. Computer is acting up so I need to finish. I hope this helps!! Again I really do belive in Amerigas and hope people can open up and listen to what the Co has to offer and pick the best one for you!!!

Good luck. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!


When you finally get through to someone? That's funny, because there hasn't been ANY hold time on their customer service line for at least the past two months.

Gee, a propane company gets busy in the summer time locking in the customers who don't wait until the middle of winter to figure out what they want to do. What a crazy idea... *** you rednecks are dumb.

They didn't charge you to put it in because they actually wanted to sell you propane. Just like EVERY OTHER COMPANY out there.

And picking up your tank because you switched companies because you can't be bothered to rub your two brain cells together and actually understand your contract actually costs money.

Drivers don't go out and pick up tanks for free, and the trucks they drive aren't free either. Yet another piece of information you'd need a brain to figure out.


WHEN you finally get through to speak to someone, what you get is rude customer service reps. They don't care about your problems with service, billing, etc.

I changed my propane service company and now they want to charge $100 to come pick up their tank!! They didn't charge me to put it in!!!!!!!


they care about safety? maybe cause they would get sued when their *** blew up.

Amerigas are crooks, wanting to charge for some made up charges like "hook up fee" and "tank rental"

"pump out fee" etc, etc,. they tried to send me a contract and wanted almost $1000 just for first 100 gal.

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