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Honesdale, PA 18431). I made an appointment to have a propane tank installed in my vacation home and they never came.

They did not call me to cancel the deliver either, knowing well that I don't live in that address and I had to travel 158 miles to be there for them. When they did not showed up, I call their office in Honesdale, Pa and I was told "the delivery man could not find the address" (???). When I asked why they did not call me to ask me for directions (in the era of the GPS!!!), the woman who answered the phone told me -in a rude manner - that "the delivery man didn't have phone connection" and that they would have to reschedule, but she refuse to make the cancellation, I guess because she was in a hurry to leave the office. I had to call their main office in California and request a refund of the payment I made to them with my credit card.

If you need propane, don't trust Amerigas in Honesdale.

They are very irresponsible.

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Amerigas Honesdale Pa sucks and disingenuoustowards consumers .I paid 10/10/12 for a 100 gallon propane gas tank.Told me that the installation is free.When an employee who works for Amerigas Honesdale Pa come to set gas tank on my address said is impossible because you\'r gas line must be 10\' feet from the house.And he called his office ,and then said to me if you dig *** for the line i will give you the parts and set free .I agreed with him .It was 10/19/12 then came the gas tank for the second time 10/23/12 unload the tank from truck set up tank and installed.Then began to work with plastic 3/4\'\' on my generator however did not have the all parts.So let\'s workthat i would come tomorrow at his office at the other parts so that i finish the job .The same day the worker checked my kitchen stove.Then wrote two pages and immediately i was stangely what has so write if the installation is free.He then went to his truck and stayed to talk to someone on the phone for 30 minutes.To wednesday 10/24/12 i come to his office to get the parts and by the time i told Mr.Ryan to write on my paper that the free installation.However Mr.Ryan went to speak with the one woman who works there and she came out and was immediately attacked me and did not let me speak,and immediatelysend me go outside.It yust says that their workers are working more than 2 hour .Of only one thing is loud and clear to me .NO ONE FROM Amerigas Honesdale Pa is said to me to work by the hour ,AND he not work 2 hour.When i paid for 100 gallon tank propane 10/10/12 Mr.Ryan told me the installation is free.Then also confirmed by workers who said to me \'\'dig *** for the line parts and job is free\'\'. Now they have everything changed ,because they want to charge me .I would say everyone Consumers for standing as far away from Amerigas Honesdale Pa because they are completely unfair.






:) :) :cry


BTW you should stop the delivery immediately.

Amerigas charges everyone $100 cancellation fee, unless they decide to charge you more. In my case, they charged nearly $500.


Yes, Amerigas Honesdale PA Sucks, overcharges and is unethical. They overbill, their customer support is only interested in discovering how to charge you more.

Amerigas in Honesdale PA Sucks, overcharges and is unethical.


Have you tried contacting FRAN LOL!!!!!! FRAN in Amerigas offices stands for

FRAN = "Financially Raping Another Neighbor"


i'm just sure FRAN will solve the problem this co. only takes care of managment and thier new s,a,p program. get on board or get out the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that should be the new motto;


You are better off to NOT use them - they do not honor their contracts and I am currently in dispute with them because they are not picking up their tank after canceling service and billing me for it - this was back in early November - go with Modern Gas not only were they 1.39 less per gallon - there is no rental on the tank - also they are polite and respectful - Amerigas - I think her name was Brenda - one of the rudest person I have spoke with on the phone ....

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