Baltimore, Maryland

We are in the Petersburg, VA Office Area And Requested for our 100 gallon tank to be picked up February 25, 2013 (first call) after they told us the price of propane was one price and then tried to charge over $1.00 more per gallon. We called five more times within the next three months with no results.

In Janaury, 2014 they even sent someone out to fill the tank and I said no it was suppose to be pick it up over a year ago. Told me he would tell the office. Well end of August, 2014 they showed up to pick tank up. My hubby told them no since we had waited over 18 months for it to be picked up and we were not going to pay.

He called office and the guy in charge, Scott, got really nasty so he called corporate and they were to get someone to call him back. About ten days later a driver named David called and told me he was coming to get the tank. I said no we are waiting on someone from corporate to call us back because the tank was to be picked up over 18 months ago. He got really nasty and told me he was going to get the tank no matter what it took even threatening me with body injury.

Informed him I don't think so there is lots of signs on our property posted no trespassing, dogs, and guns and I will do what I have to keep you off our property. Chris who said he was with corporate called. He seemed genuine and not nasty so we agreed to let the tank be picked up if there was no charge to us, Scott or David was not to come, and no police. He wanted the police since I had told David when he went as far as to say he would kick my butt to get the tank that i had guns.

I told Chris I just said that because of David's threats and they didn't have anything to worry about. They were to come between 9 and 12 noon. Showed up at 9 with not one police officer and car but with two. Also, two employees and one of them was David that had threatened me.

I just didn't want the police because I don't like to bother them or have them consider us as nuisance. The police was really nice and just laughed at having to come out and guard them from a disabled woman with fibro, RA, and situation in general. DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING ANYONE WITH AMERIGAS TELLS YOU.


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