Atlanta, Georgia

I have been a long long time customer of Amerigas. My consumption level of propane is pretty significant .

I called and ask why I haven't seen my usual driver that delivers all of my needs for my propane a Miss Julie Marankie gave one of the rudest answers to a simple question then in the same breath started giving me discounts and coupons on my account , which I thought was pretty odd, my account is fixed. Something is not right about the answer to my question and the belittlement she heaped upon me! I don't care what "show she runs" quote or the horrible things she said about my delivery guy and the fact she gave out information about firing him? Excuse me?

Confidentiality is a rule. I'm going to do my research and find this driver , I told her to keep her coupons I was just concerned about him now I really am. You have a winner there Amerigas! Before I hung up she acted like she didn't have a clue who I was or who I represented , where did you find this lady?

Is she a parolee?

Or possibly missing from an asylum?

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Miss Marankie was my daughter's teacher in a Christian private school. A Colleague of mine brought her up recently as a friend of his works for a commercial client of Amerigas.

Reason being he told me about this interaction because he has heard her name from myself a few years back, probably close to 2010. We both sat down and looked this up to see what one of the managers of my colleague's friend had written. I had to laugh or you might say take a deep breath with regret , a regret that someone will most assuredly have for putting her in any position of power , the laugh is actually relief that I will never have to encounter this woman anymore. I will be in touch Amergas Inc.

but I will make sure it is someone of integrity and strength and intelligence. I have one question and this goes out to you to Miss Marankie as well as Amerigas Inc.

What reason did you put in your resume for Amerigas as to why you are not teaching anymore?

As parents we were forced to go on what you would call, a witch hunt, the bad thing is it wasn't a witch hunt after all it was real.


Leev her alon say your nam


A parolee would have been polite.

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