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Went to buy 200 gallons of propane from Amerigas today. That is the minimum they will deliver without emergency fee. I lease the tank from them aswell. I ask what's the damage? $585.42 I was floored, asked what is my rate? $2.79....does thst include my military discount? Yes sir she repiled. Made the purchase via credit card. Got home and checked around town. Now i live in a fairly small town. Come to find out. I can buy it from the small town...
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Anonymous I use Amerigas, and couldn't be happier. When it is frozen outside, and I have no money....they fill the tank, knowing I will pay when I can. And, I always do. Our minimum f...



I requested a propane fill from Amerigas on January 9, 2017. I had originally been on an automatic fill program, but when I called they informed me I was not on such a program. That was a lie. My tank fell below 25% and I was concerned about getting a fill before the weather turned bad. They told me they would come within the week to fill my tank. Since this initial phone call I have yet to receive a fill. It has been nearly a month. We have...
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I am 79 years old and even though my bill is paid, they will not fill my tank for 5 days.My tank is about empty and will be by tomorrow. I phoned last week and again yesterday and today. They gouge on price, and they are abusive to talk too. I am going to phone both my state and federal representatives. These people should not be in business. I didn't hire them, they bought the company out that I had and then just raised their prices higher than...
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I didn't like
  • You have my money but i dont have your service
  • Inflated propane gas price

Amerigas Propane Tank Refill Review

Over priced propane and tank rentals.
My local company purchased by Amerigas, my tank, my delivery invoices, and my bill stated to make checks out to Silsbee Propane the price per gallon goes up every delivery, so I opted to change companies rather than close my business. I called to inform them and a man named Chris showed and ask why I was changing and I told him they were a $1 a gallon more than any other company, he told me I was rude and it was my fault I didn't contact their...
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I didn't like
  • No accountability
  • Prices per gallon
I called to order propane and told them I needed 200 gallons. I paid the over $500 over the phone. Today I received another bill from them for $399 more because they put in 100+ more gallons than I ordered. Its not the first time tbey've done this to me. I have to save and budget to get the fuel to begin with and I only order what I can afford wben I need it. In the past they have come and delivered fuel that I didn't order and billed me. I How...
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Anonymous Put a paddlelock on your propane tank like I did

Home sellor praised Amerigas delivery service and so I kept it. Was working and did not even note or question the cost/gallon. After retirement, 2/5/15, got invoice for filling of $1,938. Price/gallon of $4.569. I checked Hunt Country propane. Their price was $1.849/gallon! I cancelled Amerigas automatic delivery. Next fill-up with Hunt Country on 3/9/15 at $1.849/gal. Then 9/30/15 by Hunt Country at $1.49/gal. Then, when Hunt...
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Anonymous I'm having a similar issue in Va. Amerigas trying to stake claim on our tank, despite no documentation to indicate they own it. Our builder told us we were free to use any p...

I liked
  • Driver service
I didn't like
  • Billing customer services and pricing
  • Billing customer services