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Well they showed up. Tank is gone. Issue resolved.

Original review posted by user Jan 19, 2015

AmeriGas came out to see about adding an extra tank. What they end up doing is disconnecting the tank we had because they said it was too close to the house.

that left us with no heat in ourhome in Maine in November. they would said they would expedite getting our tank moved and our service back on. They never showed up so we called another company and by the end of the day we had a new propane tank and a new company. I had called in November to complain that we had no heat source for our home.

The regional manager I spoke to seems very nice and was going to get right on it. Fast forward to January 19th. My husband and I have continued to call to get the old propane tank removed. They keep giving us a date and they never show up.

However they did come and finally disconnect the wiring to the house.I left two messages last week with Sally who is in charge of this region and my husband left one. Needless to say we never heard back. So today I called and guess what I got Sally. But she claims to not be the salary I wanted she said she Sally from humab resources.

I called her on it and said no your not I recognize your voice. She told me I wanted Sally such and such and she was sally other name. again I said are you kidding me I know it's you who have a distinct voice. I then threatened to go over her head.

that's when the light bulb must have came on because then she remembered our entire conversation. needless to say she said she would get right on it. I am pleased to say within 45 minutes I got a call from the district manager saying they would have someone out today to remove the tank. after reading these reviews I told him I was taking him and wanted confirmation that we would not be charged for the tank removal.

Steve said absolutely not.

I will keep everyone posted. Would love to see an under cover boss on this company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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