Denver, Colorado
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For the past two weeks, we have been trying to get a delivery! Calling and complaining.

When you call their local center, no one answers, you have to leave a message. Then no one returns your call. When you call their "emergency center" they say that they will order a delivery, but no one brings you the gas. Its very cold here in NM due to the recent storm!

I am looking for a new propane company! AMERIGAS SUCKS!

Amerigas bought out our local provider last year, and since then it has been a huge nitemare. Their customer service SUCKS!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I am in pa and I have filed a complaint with the attorney generals office. I suggest you do that in addition to the bbb.

You can read about my situation on this site a few days ago. Amerigas needs a wake up call it is the largest company that operates in all 50 states and requires regulation at a federal level.

They are abusing customers in every state. It is criminal, we need to put a stop to this!


@ Ernest Yes, so true. Then they want to charge you for emergency services when it is their fault for not making the delivery.

Same thing happened to me this month again. Called and called the emergency center and complaint center. They still shift the blame and they want to charge you for everything.

@ Fran.

What use would it be? I have complained repeatedly and the company is no help at all! I do not feel like going in circles anymore I have already contacted the Better Business Bureau.

@ Frustrated.

I know how you feel. Moreover, my husband has Cancer and my daughter and I both got the flu and bronchitis due to sleeping in a cold house. I now have additional medical bills to pay for urgent care and medication needed on top of their outrageous lack of customer assistance. I can never get anyone at the main office in Albuquerque, and they say they will send a message from the national center, and they still do not respond.

OMG. This company needs to be shut down.

I am currently looking for another gas provider. I have heard so many horror stories from other community members as well that have switched carriers.


Amerigas sucks. They want return calls or emails.They will not put in gas or check tanks for leaks.


Hi Coe, my name is Fran and I work for AmeriGas. I’m sorry to hear about your issues with service and we would like to help you.

Please send your account details to me at customerfirstfran at amerigas dot com so we can promptly assist you. Thank you, Fran


Same here, and we are also in New Mexico. We ordered gas a week ago, the weather was perfect, was told the gas would be delivered on Wednesday, which it was not.

Next day, perfect weather again, no delivery. Now it's after Christmas, still no delivery. Was told their gas truck broke down, someone else says their truck got stuck, getting different stories from different people.

Getting promises of calls backs which never take place. Look for another company.

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