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When I purchased my current home the propane supplier used by the previous owner was Amerigas. I obtained propane from the for a very short time as I became aware of their poor business practices. My neighbor pays for his propane, uses less than me, yet is charged less because I pay via HEAP. Now for those who are not aware, HEAP is held in the suppliers account, until used. Amerigas has no additional paperwork, they do not have to bill me and wait for payment. So what is their reason for charging me, and in truth, tax payers, extra simply because they already have the money.

When I realized this as well as the fact that they are charging for every little thing they can in order to use as much of these funds as possible, I decided to switch vendors. I have already contacted the NYS Attorney General and would encourage everyone to do the same. Particularly if you are a HEAP recipient so that the AG can compile as much information as possible in order to shut this practice down. As of this date Amerigas has charged me $207 and change for incidentals, to my knowledge none of this was for actual fuel used.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Account.

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Fran, or whatever your name really is, I have tried to work with Amerigas but since corporate is no more willing to assist than the local office, No you can not assist me. I originally thought that by complaining to corporate about the poor customer service, poor integrity of the local Watkins Glen office perhaps something would be done about Kimberly and her supervisor but Now I understand that corporate advocates this behavior.

Kimberly is still there and according to my neighbor Amerigas is still overcharging according to local standards of pricing.

Have a lovely day. After reading several complaints here regarding Amerigas I see you haven't changed customer service or integrity of company policy yet nor do I think you have any intent to do so.

Lyman, South Carolina, United States #272409

Hello, my name is Fran and I work for AmeriGas. I’m sorry to hear about your situation with billing.

If you send your account details to me at, we will work on assisting you with this issue. Thank you, Fran

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