Honesdale, Pennsylvania
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11/8/2011 - 124 gallon tank filled and locked off - gallons delivered 98.7

Tank gauge read 10% (* reported several times over the last 3 years of 6 years being a customer gauge inaccurate) No reason to lock off tank - filled 98.7 gallons - plenty of propane left before tank empty

11/10/11 called about tank being locked off - informed we would be charged $100 to unlock tank - informed Amerigas to cancel service - AG informed us they would be out to pick up tank - Fee $100.00

11/17/11 called AG inquiring as to when tank would be picked up - was told there was a delay due to busy season and it would be 2-3 weeks and that AG had 30days to pick up tank

11/22/11 new service moved AG tank aside

12/14/11 called AG to inquire as to when tank would be picked up - over 30 days (*AG now in violation of contractual agreement) We were informed they were busy and would not be picked up anytime soon - had a discussion that the tank was full and unless in driveway where crane truck could it pick up that it would take 2 people to pick up tank and due to busy season tank would not be picked up anytime soon.

We moved the tank to driveway so Amerigas could use their crane truck with one drive - still have not picked up tank

1/1/2012 tank still not removed - We are willing to pay our adjusted bill when tank removed from property - Since Amerigas has not removed their tank with in the 30 days as contractual agreement states they are therefore using our property for storage and appropriate fees will be accessed.

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Have contacted Amerigas about issues and not only did they NOT help me, but they used what I told them to try and bill me more.


Amerigas Honesdale PA


New propane supplier we choose is Modern Gas out of White Mills (they have 5 other locations in NE PA) - they were very professional, courteous, timely and they were $1.39 less per gallon (as well as other companies in this area who also had a more reasonable rate) and we were supplied with the 125 gal tank at no charge. (AG $4.08 per gal last fill plus tank rental) Modern is a small regional company so they don't have the overhead that a National Company has.

There was also no tank rental - Moderns office help is also nice to deal with - their goal is to have and maintain customers for long term and value them. You can also go to their local offices and fill your 20 gal.

propane cylinders for under $10 - we were paying for the exchanges at Wal Mart at $17.84 per tank and if you read the label - they are only filled with 15 gal. do the math...


Wow .. I am so glad I read your complaint.

I have an appt set up for AG to come out and give me an estimate to install propane in my home... but I am cancelling and staying away.

Can you share with me what company you are now going through??

Thank you


After reporting Amerigas to the Better Business Bureau (They sent 2 letters and received no response,) sending 2 e-mails to Fran at Amerigas (no response,) attaching notes to the invoices on Amerigas website, after calling and receiving calls from Amerigas customer service about past due bills (I was not going to pay them a $600 bill and then spend 6 months trying to get my credit,) after customer service rep said that she would forward a message to management and I would hear in 48 hrs from them (and didn't hear anything,) after Amerigas collection dept called (and noted why I was not paying,) Amerigas removed the tank as of Jan 17, 2012, and reduced the bill after several calls - I have agreed to the $100 removal fee, prorated rent on tank, and hazmat fees - however, the $36 late fee is still on the account and working to have it removed - a big corporate company unable to act responsibly - it is best to work with your local smaller distributers - not only are we paying $2.69 per gallon (Amerigas was $4.08) we have no tank rental fee as long as we continue service with the new company.


had same problem of tank removel and reimbursment in ohio.the tank set in my drive for 5 months, contacted ohio attorney general and filed complaint. one week after complaint filed contacted amerigas corporate office in pennsylvania and advised them of me filing complaint.

after my call i had a truck in my drive in 3 hours to take tank away. had my check for gas in tank in 10 days


I am begin to think Fran at Amerigas does not exist or some type of hacker????? She was e-mailed 12/14/11 and again after her post 1/6/12 they have been no results or communication from her ... bogus?


So if it holds if a 124 gallon tank holds only a 100 gallons how do you explain that 2 years ago they filled it with a 108 gallons?


Hello, my name is Fran and I work for AmeriGas. I’m sorry to hear about your situation with billing.

If you send your account details to me at customerfirstfran at amerigas dot com, we will work on assisting you with this issue. Thank you, Fran


You sound pretty smart, the gauge is not used to fill tank it is an approximate reading. The driver fills according to the spitter.

For safety reasons the driver stops filling when the spitter spits or the gauge reads eighty percent, whichever comes first. By the way, a 124 holds one huindred gallons and you had approximately 1.3 gallons left. Possibly not enough to maintain a pilot, for your safety the tank is locked.

My family is worth a lot more than a hundred bucks. Just assuming that your a will call customer and did not call at the recommended percentage.

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