Moseley, Virginia
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I dont even know where to begin. Amerigas came out several weeks ago to install my tank.

They cut the electrical wire which could potentially cause a fire leading from my home to the pool. I was told that even though Amerigas cut the electrical line they were not responsible to fix the problem they caused. Then if that wasn't bad enough they left huge holes/ trenches in my yard that could cause serious injury if someone trips or falls. Again I am told this is not amerigas responsibility .

The nightmare continues with the piping not passing inspection with the county- this too can cause fatal fatalities. To add insult to injury Amergas is tacking on late fees on their bill that I refuse to pay until amerigas fixes all of their issues. I have contacted Amerigas several times , even wrote a detailed letter but no one has responded, fixed or brought my tank up to code.

I am now going public and will be contacting a lawyer & media on October 11,2015. Deborah Ellen Skinquarter Road, Mosely Va 23120

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Good for you. I personally work for this god awful company I am not going to make excuses for them.

But I can tell you this they are not supposed to Bill you until the job is complete meaning you have passed all inspections and final hook up and they can not do a final hook up until after it has passed inspections. I hope this helps with your case.


The best thing you can do in this case is contact the national propane board and dig safe. This will fix everything. Good Luck

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