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I called the local Colchester branch this morning for a fill-up. I was also asking for a refund to the double withdrawal from my checking account they made back in February; instead of the credit to our account.

As with most of my dealings with the branch over the past 7 years, the utter lack of customer service and communication was epic. I was on an auto fill-up and payment plan for many years and still nearly ran out of propane on 3 separate occasions. You can bet AmeriGas took money from my account each month regularly, but to monitor the tank as part of the plan seemed too much for them to handle. When I would ask why nobody monitored our fuel level, the branch’s response was that it was MY responsibility to monitor the tank level.

Yup- blame the customer, because that always good! I asked for nearly a year to have one of the 120 gallon tanks removed from our property, as our propane consumption had dropped with newer and more efficient appliances. Despite multiple calls to the local branch- it was never removed; in fact, I was told in one instance I would be charged to have your property removed from mine. Last fall I had a private gas technician on-site to service one of our appliances.

He was kind enough to disconnect the empty tank for us and relocate it behind our garage for the propane pool heater we hoped to install this summer. This morning, I discovered that there was note on our account that said “we had moved out”- Not to my knowledge! Furthermore, I was then admonished by the office staff for “touching your equipment” and that in doing so I violated my customer agreement by relocating their tank. I had a licensed gas technician move the tank because the local branch couldn’t seem to be bothered.

AmeriGas has filled the single tank still attached to the house 3 times since then without an issue, but all of a sudden when I am asking for my money back- it is a problem. This was the final straw, I informed the branch that I was going to look for a new supplier. I called back within 30 minutes to inform the branch that my new supplier would be doing the switchover first thing Tuesday morning and that you were free to pick up the tanks any time thereafter. The branch informed me that they were coming out to my house to take the tanks immediately.

Funny- for 7 years the branch couldn’t get anyone out to me for anything less than 5-7 days, but when I say I am going to change suppliers, you come and take the tanks immediately and tell me they're closing my account for violations to the customer agreement! Had the branch been that responsive about any of my many other requests over the years- we might still be doing business together. Thankfully, my new supplier was happy to accommodate me TODAY after I told them how AmeriGas seemed to care so little about my family and felt perfectly comfortable leaving us with no hot water, stove, or dryer propane for the next 4 days! SHAME ON YOU AMERIGAS FOR YOUR DISRESPECTFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Might I also mention that when the new supplier arrived today and inspected the AmeriGas tank connected to the house- he informed me that the tank was outdated and should have been replaced by AmeriGas several years ago. Once again, NICE JOB AmeriGas- nice job with compliance, safety, and customer service.

I am happy to no longer be doing business with a company that cares so little about their customers. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO HAVE THE COLCHESTER OFFICE BEAR YOUR NAME.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Residential Gas Supply.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Amerigas Pros: Field service technicians.

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