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I can't believe how many bad complaints Amerigas has and their still in business. My experience with them was that one lady told me that they know when your tank gets low and they will send someone out.

That was a lie and we were without hot water and heat for a week! Then, right before Christmas, we called again to have someone come out which we were told that someone couldn't come out for 5 to 7 days even though their the ones that messed up and didn't send someone out when they "supposedly" know when the tank gets low. So, of course nobody came and then we got a bill in the mail for $350 bucks and they said "oops we messed up and we don't know why but you haven't been billed for the propane in a few months! WTF?????

Ummm not my problem you didn't bill me and I am not paying you that much money because you forgot to bill me! I have paid EVERY bill that has come my way! So, now it has been over a month and still no propane! Now they say that we are behind and they won't send someone unless we get current with our bill!

WHAT THE ***???? It's not my fault we're behind it's your fault you didn't bill us correctly! So, I called and told the lady my story and she said she will have a manager call me. Do you think that I have gotten a call from a manager?


I'm done with them! They can see me in court!

Reason of review: Poor customer service, problem with delivery, pricing issue, problems with payment, lying to customers..

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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You think you hate them as a customer try working for them. God what an awful place!!

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