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Amerigas sucks, but in this part of Tucson they are the only option.

I "lease" my tank from them and according to my contract, they own the line from the tank right up to my house. Well, the tank sprang a leak right at the output valve (on the tank, which "they own" according to my contract with them) and still held me liable for the lost gas.

I was without gas (no cooking, no hot water) for 2 days before they were able to send out a repair truck. They installed a new regulator ON THE TANK THAT THEY CHARGE ME A MONTHLY RENTAL FEE FOR, and then they denied my claim fr a credit for the lost gas!

It's their equipment, I lease it from them, if it is defective why do I have to pay for the lost product?

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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They billed me $439 for 1 hour of labor and $105 cancellation fee after 2 years with them. They suck.

Amerigas sucks.


I had a similar issue a few years back. Gas was leaking from the valve on the top of the tank enough where you could smell it just walking by the tank.

AG dispathed 2 techs - let's call them junior and senior. I overhear the converstion outside.

Senior tech checks out the tank and decides that the tank IS NOT leaking enough to fix it (LAZY and why should he care it's MY gas) As they are walking away the junior tech who is worried about the leak speaks up and convinces senior to replace the tank. I was dumbfounded at the disregard for safety but I almost wished they had left so I could have had that guys license yanked.


Unless you have a line protection plan the AmeriGas only covers the tank, pigtails, and regulator (assuming you don't own the regulator).


Amerigas is NOT going to make good voluntarily... in my experience that's just the way they are.

So, 1. Take them to small claims court. They owe you so make them make good on it.

2. Find another company as fast as you can because my experience with AmeriGas is that they don't seem to care if they lose customers but You don't have to put up with their attitude.


the last comment sounds like an amerigas worker. It's not about the amount *** its about the fact that they own the equipment and if it leaks at all its up to the company to set it straight!! not to *** over even more.


Unless the leak was so bad that the propane was *** out into your back yard, it's highly doubtful that you lost any significant amount. Oh no, you weren't credited for the $10 in propane that you lost from a tiny valve leak, how will you ever make ends meet now?!

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