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This is absolutely the worst company i have EVER had to deal with. The first time i have gotten propane filled with them it took 3 weeks to even come to the house because i needed a safety check and they were that booked.

Then they said they would deliver 3 days later. Nobody showed. After i called they finally showed up 2 days after that and said they needed to do a pressure test. I have a small heater in an office that he said did not pass the pressure test so locked out that heater and said he would let Amerigas know to send a repair man.

He said the other heaters were fine and filled the tanks. I called and called to find out when they were sending someone to repair. After 3 weeks they said "we dont do repairs". Huh???

3 different people have told me they would call me when they could set uo an appt to get someone here. Whatever, ill get it repaired on my own. We dont use the office often, if i need heat in there ill leave the foor open. I called again last friday to get another delivery to come.

She said "sometime next week". What the *** is that? Every company ive ever used tells you your delivery day. It is now a week later, nobody has at 10% now and a snow storm is coming.

So i call again. The lady informs me that im lying about calling to get a delivery and they will not be coming till i get that heater fixed. I told her we are not using that *** heater but i do need heat to the rest of my home. After arguing with her and then the manager who continuously would not listen to a word i was saying, the manager hung up on me.

She insisted my tanks were locked out, i insisted that the heater we dont use is locked out.

I have never written a bad review about any company, but this one is over the top. I will spend as much time as humanly possible, in my soon to be very cold house (because its now friday and cant get a delivery from another company last minute) To let everyone i can to stay far far away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You need to contact your State Attorney Generals Office. A company that supplies fuel for heat cannot just shut off your service or fail to deliver.


Am having problem with this company in their billing. They come fill the tank when there is nobody.

The send an invoice when am on vacation. When I pay they send a bill of $78 as yearly contract charge, followed immediately by a late charge of $36. What kind of business is this.

Nobody seems to pick calls. They should be investigated for doing a Shylock business.

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