we used amerigas for over 20 years , they let us run out of propane 3 times in past 2 years ( winter time ) . I had it , so i can to get their tank removed .

They want $75.00 to pump my propane out , and only pay me the cost i paid at the time i bought it . They are selling it for $2.99 per gal and they say i paid $2.19 per gal .

That's just WRONG !!!!!!!! I don't know way they companies get our tax money to drill and pay for equipment ,then turn around and rip us off

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ditto to you unknownguy. very well said.

this company as all companies are in business to make money...that is the nature of owning a business. why would they not charge to pick up the tank. the tech's and drivers do not work for free.

as far as your gas refund...why would you expect more for the gas than what you paid? they are buying it back for the price you paid and that is all you should care about.


Why should they give you more than you paid for the gas? If they sold it to you at $2.19 and today's price was $1.89 would you be ok with them buying it back at the $1.89 price?

I doubt it.

I'd switch too if I ran out 3 times in two years and it was their fault. Somehow though, I have a feeling it was not their fault you ran out.

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