Culpeper, Virginia
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In Feb. 2012 we moved to Culpeper VA to our first house with an LP furnace. We ordered 200 gal. of LP from Amerigas. About a month later we received a “past due” notice in the mail; it was the first bill that we had seen from Amerigas.

In Nov. 2012 we ordered 200 gal. When we hadn’t received an invoice in a month, we called, and Amerigas sent us an invoice for 320 gal., even though “200 gal.” was printed on the order. Following the procedure outlined on the back of the bill, we sent Amerigas a letter disputing the bill. Not only was it for 120 gal. more than we ordered (and was printed on their form); but also it was for 40 gal. more than the meter on the tank said that was delivered. We received a second invoice from Amerigas for 280 gal. THAT INCLUDED A LATE CHARGE. We paid for the 280 gal. that were delivered (even though we ordered only 200 gal.); but, needless to say, we’re not going to pay a late charge for an order and a bill that Amerigas screwed up in the first place. Talk about “the gang that can’t shoot straight”. You’ve got to watch these people like a hawk.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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