Spring Grove, Pennsylvania

AmeriGas took our 500 gallon propane tank from our weekend cottage about 3 weeks ago, according to our neighbor. We have an active contract, paid in full and just purchased 200 gallons on 12/31/09.

I have the receipt and contract in hand. I immediately called them today, but they won't deal with it on Saturday...not important enough. It was 11 a.m. when I called, as soon as I found the tank missing.

But Mr. Jim Valence, their district manager, had no interest in dealing with our issue. Clearly no concern for me or my family. So how are we supposed to heat our home?

I guess Mr. Valence feels its o.k. to be without heat until they can go in the office and review the paperwork on Monday. I've never had this type of treatment in my life from a company of this size.

Do they not have people on call for emergencies? I guess taking a 500 gallon and leaving a paid in full customer without heat is ok? I have weekend duty at my employer and when I get a call, I'm expected to respond, period. AmeriGas clearly does not have the same policy and the Zanesville, Ohio area office has no concern about leaving a customer high and dry with no heat.

We all make mistakes, but when I make one of this magnitude, I take steps immediately to address it.

That is not too much to ask.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Manager.

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No way the whole story is being represented in this case.


your bill must of been late, or at least were not hearing the whole story here, get a grip


it was their screw up they should have and I have gotten calls to go pick up and old cylinder NOT LEAKING JUST DROPED OFF INFRONT OF A STOP AND NO LEAK JUST IN THE WAY so ya that call came from corprate and guess what i had to do it so they should have goten up and done it whats its all about is they have cut our hours down to 36 per week and well if the dis manager wants to keep his or her job then they will make this work but not if it short changes the customer but what corprate dont know wont hurt them is how the mgrs look at it so they screw good honest customers and lie about it im sorry but if you called the ecc they should have goten ahold of someone then that someone should have got your tank to ya and it only takes one person to set a tank ONE


So apparently Jim was supposed to pull a work crew and the equipment needed to set a tank out of thin air on a saturday? AmeriGas will respond to emergencies any time, day or night.

Setting a tank is an entirely different matter, however.

Besides, why are you complaining? It's 70 degrees outside.

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