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Our family has the unfortunate situation of only having the Amerigas company available to use in the Preston County area. We ordered gas on two different occasions and waited over 2 and half weeks with no site of a truck.

The orders were placed prior to the recent snow fall, but our tanks remained low. Today we all sit in a frezzing cold house becuase Amerigas will not come out to fill our tanks, unless of course we pay $150.00 extra for them to come. Otherwise we just have to wait. My husband and I made several complaints, spent several hours on the phone, no one would accept any responsibility,and in the end we are still freezing.

Sure wish there was another com. to use. but for now we will just sit in the cold, while Amerigas tries to price gouge during a blizzard and they will get away with it because we are the small guy. Thought this was America.

Amerigas should change its name to Chinagas! there is nothing American about this company!!!! There website says they are safe, reliable and available in emergency's.

They left out the part that it would cost you $150.00 extra for their help!! What a ***!

Monetary Loss: $150.

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To all the *** posting on this page, Amerigas did not let you run out of gas, your own cheap lazy *** selves did. Because you are too lazy to check your tank reqularly to see it was low or to broke to have the money to order when you should have you let it get down to fumes then expect Amerigas to drop everything for you!

They tell you to order with plenty left in your tank, especially in the winter when they are in the middle of their busiest season, but you do not listen! Then you run out and blame them.

They do have a forecast plan where they come out and fill your tank according to your usage and those customer NEVER run out of gas but that would require you deadbeats to have money available for heating your homes all the time but you obviously cant manage your finances well enough to do this so you go without heat.

Now really, who's fault is it that your tank runs out, the company that is in business to sell propane or the idiots who forget to call?

Get a life and stop blaming others for your stupidity!


We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.

Tom J

Same happened to us at 30%... Called 3X before getting an answer, which was a recording...

Left a message but got no answer... Called again about a week later and was told that they'd get a delivery out to me, Which showed up about 10 days later... My big complaint is that it was supposed to be competitively priced... NOT!!!

Local prices in Preston County are $2.39 per gal.

and I got charged $3.70... We are going to war...


Most of the people on these boards are backwoods hillbillies who don't know jack squat about how a real company works. Take your amateur CEO schtick and get lost.


This is a rebuttel to the post by LieDetector.

I personally know someone who is in the process of dumping Amerigas. Why? Because on the first call for a tank refill they were promised 1-7 days.

On the second call, they were promised 1-2 days.

Then when the tank had still not been refilled, on the third call, Amerigas said lied about why the tank was still not filled, and said that the fill order was cancelled. After an argument rebutting the lies with provable facts, Amerigas said that they would restate the order; but it would take yet a further 1-7 days to fill the tank.

Several weeks later, the tank was still not filled. So instead of getting mad and calling Amerigas for the 4th time, these folks purchased a bunch of electric space heaters and decided to tough out the rest of the winter and dump Amerigas in the spring.

Moral of the story. Don't wait for them to let you run out of gas. Turn off your propane furnace and deny them all additional fuel sales.

It's far better to be uncomfortabe than to be oppressed. Most of the folks who complain on these boards need to grow a backbone and fight back!!!!!


Try your locally based propane company first. They don't have to keep increasing your price to continue to pay increased bonuses and dividends to the people in Valley Forge.


Don't believe anything Joe Meyers says. He lies down and spreads his leg for money. Just like his mother.


Know that the pro-Amerigas entries here are employees of the company. Believe nothing that they say.

They hide and lie for money. Like their CEO.


Amerigas let us run out of propane - in the middle of winter with 13 guests for the weekend - and when I finally figured out what it was, with no heat, no hot water and no stove (we came a year ago from the city and are still a bit unfamiliar with things country) I called them only to be threatened with a $175.00 emergency refill and they insisted I hadn't paid my bill. I called right back with proof I HAD PAID MY BILL.

They did finally send someone out, 24 hours later, to fill the tank, and admitted it was their fault, but tough bananas to you. The ONLY person they will put you through to when complaining is some Affirmative Action Airhead who insists she is second only to the CEO but doesn't have a phone line, and also have the authority or autonomy to fix it so it doesn't happen again. They won't let you talk to anyone higher up.

One problem is their computer software, which is in serious need of upgrade - it told the operator I didn't pay my bill when I had. Their attitude is anyone in the country is a podunky farmer and not worth their time, even though the country folk are no doubt their bread and butter.


FYI - the below is not from AmeriGas. I just thought it may be helpful for your complaints.


To submit questions or comments regarding the quality of service you receive from AmeriGas, please click here or contact our National Customer Care Line at 1-800-GAS-4YOU (1-800-427-4968).


Just to list a few other Preston County Gas Companies:

1) Amerigas

2) Bruceton Petroleum - 304-379-2643

3) Preston Fuel & Propane - 304-329-1494

4) Valley Fuels - 304-864-5800

Albright Oil (don't know if they do propane or not) 304-329-1502

Hagedorn's Gas Service - 304-292-6183


1) I happen to know that Amerigas is NOT the only gas company in Preston County!!! That is definately a lie!!!There are at lease 2 other companies in the area!!

2) The roads and weather are horrible in Preston County and I happen to know the guys are out on the roads trying to deliver gas to people until 8 and 9 and 10 o'clock at night!!! and that is not even counting their emergency calls. They are risking their lives as it is and people still treat them like they are their enemies. Preston County is a big spread out area and the conditions are currently terrible and right now there are only 2 drivers driving the preston county, garrett county, and nearby pennsylvania areas. Some days the roads haven't even been plowed by the state roads.

I suggest you do contact the corporate office of amerigas and complain because I think the guys in Preston County do not have the man power or help they deserve to try to serve people's needs. Which is the company's fault but instead people take it out on the workers and make a tough job even tougher on them!!! You don't know what a nightmare this weather situation must be for them and their families!!! The local offices can not do much about the situation they have to deal with and the management in the cities don't know what kind of weather we get here but they are the ones who make the decisions on how many guys to hire.

As far as the $150 charge that is for emergency delivery and you SHOULD NOT WAIT until your gas is out in the middle of winter to get it filled!! I do know that if you are a regular delivery customer or if you have a ticket for delivery you would not be charged this fee. This fee is only if you are calling after business hours for an unscheduled delivery.


This story just isn't true. Amerigas promises 1-7 days for delivery, and if you haven't had your delivery on the 7th day, they'll emergency dispatch a truck out specifically to fill your tank.

You're either lying about waiting for two and a half weeks, or you're in an area where there's so much snow the trucks aren't allowed on the road. What a load of bulls hit you're trying to dump on us.


Ihave had similar problems with Amerigas. They came to my home and removed the gas from my tank.

I found out they were charging me for a company owned tank and when I told them I owned my own tank is when the problems started. PLEASE contract your Attorney General's office and file a complaint. Don't back down. Also contact the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, DC, you can do it on line.

If you don't contact these agencies, nothing can be done.

The who file these agencies will see what is going on and do something. Your state PUC won't do anything because propane is not regulated.

Amerigas are liars and these agencies must know.

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