Jacksonville, Florida
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Had an account for over 30 years, took over from our parents. Was late last fall on a bill, got hit with 3 $36.00 late charges before we could even get someone on the phone.

Was current on bill, and found out they removed the tanks without notification of any kind, and then had the nerve to charge $45.00 to terminate the account. We did not cancel service, bit I guess amerigas did on their own, and are finding fees and charges to eat up the remaining credit from the gas that was in the tanks they removed without our permission. And if you ever do get them on the phone, they pass you back from corporate to local office and no one can help ou, and are extremely rude in the process.

How can they runs business this poorly and charge any fee they want in order to screw the customers. After 30 years, this is the thanks you get.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Account.

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I recorded 6-7 messages to their various phone numbers; not a single return call as to what the charges of $99 and $389. 73 were all about.

Then I got a "PAST DUE NOTICE and Late fee of $36." Have never seen such a bad public relations maker in my life as and auditor and educator. This operation needs to be examined by regulatory authority.

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