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I was a 7 + year employee of this company in the Southeast. I was ashamed and embarrassed how this Company treated customers, with bait and switch pricing, tank rent being charged for tanks that were sometimes unsightly, unsafe, owned by the customer illegally installed by others.

I handled complaint after complaint from residential and commercial customers about unsafe equipment, unsightly tanks and in the case of L P Gas Dispensers, unsafe equipment with which to deliver fuel to the public. Customer service is totally lacking. Customer service representatives,do not know the proper Building and Fire Codes , with regard to L P Gas, safety procedures and emergency processes in case of leaks or fires. Customer service representatives and some of my counterparts were only concerned with getting new business to be the winners of a rinky *** sales contest , with no regard to Company Policy or public safety.My experience over the last 5 years was that " tell you anything to get the customer off of the phone " Special , " first fill " customer owned tank deliveries are just a smoke screen to get new business with promises that the the turn on fee is waived at the time f the first fill , then charged to the customer after the delivery.When these issues wee addressed with Division Managers, as well as a V P of safety, nothing was ever done.

I even went so far as to photograph an illegal tank installation for a major grocery store chain, while on vacation in another state,which was in a Market far from my territory, to make a statement that safety, ( which is an everyday topic) is not a concern of the Company , although it is preached daily by the Company.These photos were emailed to the Regional Safety Manager,the Manager of that particular office as well as the V P of Safety in Valley Forge, in 2007 and as of August 2011,while visiting the same location this problem has not been addressed.Shop around before you decide to purchase L P Gas from this Company,demand in wrting all pertinent information with regard to service, fuel deliveries and payments.

The Company is also , very slow , up to 7 to 10 weeks in processing any reunds due a customer. This is blamed on the new computer system, when in reality , it is caused by lazy " do- less" employess pasing the bust and not wanting to do their assined duties.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

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Regarding lazy employee's and passing the buck. I worked in Valley Forge for eight in a half years most of which in the accounts payable department.If a customer is cancelling service a good percentage of them are cancelling because they are moving.If the districts would take the extra step and get the customers NEW ADDRESS those refunds would move a little faster.Do you have any ideal how many of those refunds are returned for invalid addresses? I at one time represented the South for the A/P department and I am offended even though I know longer work there by your comments.If the customer service rep's would think outside the box those refunds would move quicker.I can also tell you even though the field refers to Valley Forge as the "Ivory Tower" those people work just as hard if not harder.

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