Englewood, Colorado
Not resolved

Ilsihave paying $3.15 gal. Since 2012 ,a gentleman called saying no he never sent out those bill amounts I told him I would send them, I just had major surgery march 16th.

I got a call thursday from ARG CAMARILLO Collections . I am very upset andwant this 1300.00 corrected and here is proof I pay 3.15 also a contract that I pay what your cost is and fifty cents above that. You need to call ARG and recall this debt threating my credit and lying about the amount owed is bad business.

I have my laywer looking at this and since im to have no stress or drama, I think the mental physical pressure you have caused is impeding my recovery, causing harm and duress,please look at the one contract we have and I have my biIls all rates 3-$. Collection needs to be recalled and this corrected as ihave asked so I can pay as I always have.

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