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Amerigas wants to charge us $400 for a full tank of propane, that does'nt sound too bad does it, well heres the kicker $400 for a whole tank of propane and then every month they charge you however much you have used up out of it , and then will not give you back your deposit for 90 days this company is a big bunch of *** trying to stick it to the little people. I hope the government comes in and closes them down! but since we have obama as president I really don't think thats going to happen as he is for the FATCATS!

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Lyman, South Carolina, United States #255105

Are you for real, Amerigas charges you for propane once no matter how much you use. Are you really that dumb that you think they are charging you twice for your propane.

By the way, I have a bridge for sale if you are interested regardless of how much you have used up out of it.


Hello, my name is Fran and I work for AmeriGas. I’m sorry to hear about your situation with billing.

If you send your account details to me at, we will work on assisting you with this issue. Thank you, Fran.

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