Reston, Virginia
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We purchased a property with an Amerigas Propane tank already there. We do not now....nor have we ever... had an account with Amerigas. We converted to natural gas and have requested REPEATEDLY to have the tank removed.

We have been told it will cost $95 to remove the tank. We've explained we did not request the tank to be there...we want it off our property. We have asked to speak with supervisors...or someone with authority and are always told...."no one in management is available".

We are going to start billing the company for storage charges. :-)

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Account.

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In my jurisdiction you can do that but you need to inform them by registerd mail first and give them 30 days to remove their property. I have never actually been involved in sale of property but the rules a similar. Follow the rules and get their attention!!

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