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Amerigas recently bought out the propane company. I used last year. Last year I used between 100 and 200 gallons per month. I got a delivery on 12/27/10 (365 gallons) and on 2/7/11 received 305 gallons.

I question why such an increase and the answer was it's colder this year. Maybe, but unlike last year I've put plastic over the windows. The temp is set at 64 vice 68 last year and at night we turn it down to 60. I don't understand that much if any increase in use.

I asked to speak with a manager, told no! Asked to speak with a supervisor, told she would schedule me a leak test.

Explained I saw their truck last week turn around at my house but no delivery. Car was in the driveway. Today, no car, Gone from house less than 20 minutes and they claim a 305 gallon delivery. I demanded in the future driver only deliver when my wife or I are home and we observe. One of us is almost always home. Their response "we'll put you on will call status but still deliveries anytime they want.

Refused to have driver knock on door. Refused to let me talk to anyone other then woman who answered phone. I go on line to find a company wide phone number to call and complain but all Amerigas roads bring you to your local office.

Going to their office Tuesday. Hopefully I get more cooperation face to face then I did over the phone. Any suggestions or ideas for alternatives if I don't get any cooperation? I assume there is some state or federal agency that has regulatory authority over them. I guess there is always the local news people too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Manager.

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Hi, this is Fran from AmeriGas. I’m sorry to read that you are having issues with contacting your local office.

I’d like to assist and help you as soon as possible – please email me at customerfirstfran@amerigas.com with your account details so we can look into your situation. Thanks, Fran


So what exactly are you insinuating? That Amerigas didn't put in as much as they said they did, or that somehow their propane burns faster?

Maybe the old broad should turn her thermostat down a few degrees. I don't know if you are smart enough to notice, but it has been a lot colder this winter than last. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that maybe the lower temperatures have something to do with increased gas usage. Also why couldn't she read her gauge?

Why wouldn't she have someone else check? Better to let yourself run out then bit ch and whine to the gas company that you need a delivery right now in the middle of their busiest season, huh?


Something needs to be done about this company. I have a client who filled her tank on 1/3/11 and she ran out on 2/4/11.

She has never gone through a tank in one month. She has gone through that same treatment from them that you have. She also could not check the gauge to see if they filled the tank. They say now that they can't deliver for two weeks.

It is going to be 10 degrees tonight.

I am taking over some space heaters to keep the pipes from freezing. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

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