Sacramento, California

The previous owner of the house we bought was an Amerigas propane customer. After checking around we decided to go with a different company, mostly because Amerigas would charge a fortune to rent their tank to us.

For the last 6 months I have been calling the Honesdale office asking them to come and remove their tank from my property. I got a few promises but lots of excuses. The last call they became upset that we were bugging them about this when they had so much to do. This is the mildest winter on record.

How can they be busy? Maybe I should charge them rent for storing their tank here.

Very poor customer service. I'm so glad I didn't sign on with them.

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I had same issue. I had appt and they didn't show up.

I sent email to corporate with safety concern. I told them I was going to #1 start charging for storage of haz waste container, #2 call other companies to see if they wanted their abandoned container, #3 file a complaint with state of Calif for abandoned container that I thought might be leaking. They just called and said they would pick up today.

Put your foot down.

It's the only way their bad habits will stop. And, I fully intend to follow through with complaint with state if it's not picked up today.


Did your claims work? How did you eventually get it removed? I’m dealing with the same situation in California.


Im still having same problem,started 01/26/12.

tank still on my property.What did you do.


I just bought a new house that had an Amerigas tank on it and after doing some research decided to use another company. I called them 12 days earlier and asked them to pick up their tank which they said would happen in 1 week.

It hasn't happened yet. So I called them this morning and they told me it would be 45 days to schedule a pickup. I in turn told them that would be fine but I will be billing them for storage fees at a rate of $300 per day for storing their unauthorized hazardous material on my property.

All of a sudden they are able to pick up the tank before the end of the work week. I'm still going to send them a bill from day 1 though just for S&G.

@New homeowner

Did your claims work? How did you eventually get it removed?

I’m dealing with the same situation i. California.

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