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Ive beena customer of Amerigas for 17 years, always paid my bills the day I received them. They kept increasing my bills (to punish me for being a loyal customer I suppose) until I noticed they billed me the gallon of propane 40% more than their competitor charged for it. Then one day I called them and told them there was a huge smell of propane in my rental house. They told me to evacuate the renters immediately, that they were sending a technician urgently. I put the renters in a hotel. One week later, no one from Amerigas had come. I called them, They said "Oh, we forgot to tell the driver to go to your house." No apologies. Then I complained about the high price of propane, pointed that their competitor was 40% cheaper. THey told me they would reduce the price. THe next bill came: even higher than the bill before. I called the manager, she said she would not honor her promise. I told her to cancel the account and stop the deliveries. Next thing I know I receive an invoice for a new delivery (entering the property without my permission) and the propane charged at an all time high rate!!.

ITHen I tell them Im not going to pay for gas I never ordered. They never replied to my letter and are sending me invoices with late fees added!! A true horror story.....

Then I post a first complaint on this site. Ten days later I get an email from " saying "we want to help you. Write to us. That was ten days ago. I email this person a full description of what happened. I never heard back!!! My email was not even acknowledged... Talk about adding insult to injury...

I was reading today that the latest survey shows that 65% customers expect complaints like this to be dealt with within 24 hours.

I happen to run a management consulting firm helping companies improve their customer service! Irony...

Amerigas is a customer service expert's dream.! Its a source of perfect examples of how to freak out customers fast and hard.

I just filed a complaint with the BBB and will write to the Amerigas CEO and CMO. I will also write tomorrow to the California Attorney General for consumer affairs, and a few other agencies.

ast but not least, Im going to blog about this, as the material is too good to pass.

Amerigas, why are you doing this to yourself?

What you are doing is reputational suicide, and you are choosing it.

Take it from an expert in customer service: how you treat people is extreme. There are just no case studies in textbooks that tell the kind of hardship you inflict on people. You are writing the book on customer abuse.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Hi, this is Fran from AmeriGas. I’m sorry to read that you are having issues with billing.

I’d like to assist and help you as soon as possible – please email me at with your account details so we can look into your situation. Thanks, Fran


So you have a blog that gets hundreds of thousands of views huh? More like your whining gets lost in the background noise just like every other loser blog out there.

Can you please blog about how it's Amerigas fault that you didn't lock your price in? Prices don't fluctuate at all if you do that, which you've already been told twice now but still don't seem to understand.

The problem is that you seem to want to assign some malicious intent to the things that have happened to you. You seem to think, for example, that Amerigas knowingly delivers to people who don't want gas. What actually happens is that someone makes an honest mistake and doesn't remove you from automatic deliveries correctly, or misreads a delivery ticket. I know this is a shocking concept, but the people who work at Amerigas are human beings just like everyone else, and sometimes they make mistakes. But no, you think there is some evil dictator of propane sitting around waiting for you to be removed from forecast so he can squeeze a few extra gallons into your tank.

It sucks if you had a bad experience, but get a grip dude. Amerigas is not out to get you. They didn't get to be the biggest propane company by purposely filling the wrong tank or price gouging. You have no understanding of what the business is really like, just the few things you've imagined in your head from what you've seen as a customer.

Sebastian, Florida, United States #245450

Amerigas is the only company who has people who come and post online in support their unethical practices. This in itself says a lot about the moral and ethical capital, or lack thereof of this company. They do not realize the damage of this activity to their reputational capital.

Additionally these people seem to be largely uneducated and unable to understand the issues. People like me do not complain about the prices fluctuating, they complain about the prices fluctuating consistently 40% above the competitors' prices!!

And we complain about Amerigas breaching their own promises and agreements

And we complain about unethical behaviors, like continuing to deliver gas and charging at even higher prices even after you have cancelled your agreement.

And for those who do not believe that our complaints have ab impact, they are dead wrong. Some of us, bloggers who have influence online, can get read by hundreds of thousands of people, and the mainstream news media picks up our complaints and publishes them in the mainstream press, which in turn, contributes to adjusting Amerigas' reputational capital to its right size, and to help people who have a choice in selecting a vendor make the right choice.


Im gonna have to agree with the last comment and instead of complaining, if you were a customer that long you were well aware that if your not locked in the price fluptuates so really if its that much of an issue stop crying about it and do something about it, its not their job to make these decisions for you, or keep blogging and crying about it, either way HILARIOUS and no one cares! hahaha

Gray, Georgia, United States #239522

The stupidity of the customers here is mind boggling. Prices fluctuate up in the winter and down in the summer for propane.

Gee, who would've thought? Lock your price in like a non-retard and it won't fluctuate at all. Also, who blogs about something like this?

Someone without a life or a decent job to take up their time, that's who. Hahaha, losers.


I too had the same experience with their bills. Each bill was higher than the last and when I checked prices they were almost double the competition.

Their answer when I called was that gas prices fluctuate! Funny how the prices only "fluctuate" in one direction, UP! Each time I called, I was given the run around. When I threatened to have the tank removed, they adjusted the price.

The next bill, even higher!

Wash, rinse, repeat! This company is the worst!

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