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we have had amerigas for 3 years now , they have , on a regular basis been making auto refills. We on a regular basis have been calling them and telling them we DO NOT WANT AUTOFILL !!

Not only are they auto filling us but they are close to $2 higher than any other propane dealer per gallon!! WHY ?? So we told them that we want out after the last AUTOFILL, they say they cant move a full tank, well, it wouldnt be full if you hadnt filled it when we didnt ask for it. The tank had 42% in it when they filled it.

Now it has 70% , if they had not filled it it would be down to 10% , so it could be moved ! So we said okay how much to buy the tank and then cancel your service? They said, " we wouldnt feel comfortable selling you a used tank, so you would have to buy a new tank" , I guess the used tank is okay to AUTOFILL though isnt it? So we ask what would it cost?

$550 for the new tank, and $350 to uninstall the old tank and install the new, so about $900 just to get rid of these clowns ? I DONT THINK SO ! Shortly after we got involved with this dispicable company we recieved a notification that there would be a $100 disconnect fee when we terminate service, why wasnt that in our original contract? sorta sounds like a bait and switch to me .

What i would like to know is who owns this rip off company and why are they alowed to continue to charged almost double for thier gas and just tack on fees after fees after fees ? Maybe a call to the ag"s office will help?

STAY AWAY FROM AMERIGAS !! it should be renamed RIPPOFF GAS !

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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If at all possible stay away from the nationwide companies who are known for there one time deals to bait new customers in. Look for a small private or your local Cooperative if you are fortunate enough to have one in your area.

Current price from this coop .98/gal. (yes 98 cents per gallon)No added fees like fuel surcharge, environmental fees, but we do charge $5.00 a year for a tank lease.

Location of terminal supply does make a difference, we are lucky we are only 115 miles from the terminal. So, in our area next to natural gas propane is the product of choice.


its the office people doing it, trust me they dont even listen to the employees who work out in the field.


I am going though the same horror.. ripoff is right. :cry


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