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Here's how to avoid the $100.00 amerigas cancelation fee:

Don't cancel!

Use up just about all the gas in the tank and then get another propane provider. Have them set the amerigas tank out of the way. Don't even call them to come get it. They will either figure it out and come and get it, or more likely they will forget about it. They are so busy trying to figure out ways to scam people and buy out competitors that they don't audit the tanks they have in the field. After a number of years (depending on the state you live in) it will become yours. Call a lawyer and verify that you have the legal right to take possession. Sand blast their name off it and paint it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Right now amerigas is charging over a dollar more per gallon than other local providers. This is not compared to the other companies new customer price, but their current regular prices.


What? do you know that we live in a Capitalist competitive country?

and if you don't get good service from one provider you have the legal option to turn to another? I too have gotten the letter for all the fees and penalties for discontinuing service.

If I paid $100 for them to remove their tank it would still save me over $700 per year with a better deal with another company. That's just financial good sense.


they even charge a pickup fee for their empty cylinders now 39.99.after you cancel out.what a ripoff!

plus a 55,00 fee for an empty tank that had been empty for three months charging for vapors they stated on bill.

Really how can they even get away with such charges.

what a bunch of dishonest rip offs!


Guys, I don't work for Amerigas but I do work in the same industry (natural gas, propane).

The suggestion from the OP is senseless.

First, if you are under contract (a typical propane agreement is 5-year long, but could vary), you can't just say "heck with it" and get another company. Or better, you can do that but there will be a penalty (the penalty being on top of the cancellation fee).

This is because when a company lease you a tank, they also give you a big discount on the installation cost or even do it free of charge. They do that because of the 5-yr agreement, so if you breach that, you might be responsible for paying the original installation cost (as spelled out in the contract).

The contract you signed must have all penalties and cancellation fees clearly written on it. If there is nothing in writing about that, then you are fine.

Also, understand that when you go to a new provider, that provider has - by law - to send a 48-hour takeover notice to the company that is supplying you with propane, so your company will immediately know you are trying to go somewhere else and will kick back the Takeover Notice informing the new company that you are still under contract.

Unless they are nuts, the new company will not pursue your business at that point as the fines for doing are steep (around $ 10,000).


They charged me $105. I'm fighting them because they are grossly unethical.

Amerigas Sucks.


It's funny how rednecks think they have to sign a contract to be bound to terms and conditions. If you'd ever read a book instead of guzzling Budweiser in your double wide all day, you'd realize that simply having ANY provider place equipment on your property and service/fill it binds you to their terms.

This isn't second grade where you can cross your fingers behind your back to get out of a promise. You're only fooling yourself if you think propane companies don't have massive legal teams that seal up every loophole in their terms and conditions. They're smart and know how to do business, unlike the trash that tries to post shady suggestions on websites like this.

Didn't your parents ever teach you how to honorably do business? You don't back out the second everything isn't going your way, and if you do you suck it like an adult and pay the fees you agreed to.


This will not work. Amerigas will charge you a tank rental if you dont order fuel annually, youll end up oweing anyway and probably more so.


When you get another company to put their tank on your property, you canceled your contract with Amerigas, thus the pick up fee will still apply when they realize your not ordering fuel.


mine has been sitting in the yard for 8 years now, but i never signed the contract cause it was full of stipulations and charges for hook up, testing, rental etc.....i just bought my own tank and fill it as needed for the $2.50 /gal it costs.

John N

Well, that's a good idea. I don't know why anyone would actually pay a fee to cancel a service like propane. Thanks for the tip.

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