Garner, North Carolina
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I am also a very unhappy customer w/the garner office. .


First in October I purchased a townhouse & spoke w/the owner whom told me he would be happy to leave the propane tank w/the gas he had purchased left in it if I wanted & that I would just need to switch it over into my name. So, Called & Did the switch over & was told no problem we will just refund the previous owner his monthly rental fees for the months we charged him when he was not residing there. Then it was explained they would just need to come do a "safety/ new customer" inspection and that I would be billed $75.

So, they came out & a few weeks later I am being billed not only for the safety inspection but also for the gas that was left in the tank. . .which they had already been paid for!! Called & asked why and was lied to and told that Mr.

R*** had requested to be refunded for the gas he did not use. . . which is an absolute lie and the reason I know its a lie is that the same day I got my bill he received mail in my mailbox w/the type of envelope that normally contains a check which I am sure was the RENTAL Refund they told me that he would get for them balancing out his account.

If he had requested a refund like they stated don't you think he would have made sure to either give them the correct/new address OR have it refunded to his account when he sold the home. . .and that he would not have been continued to be billed rental fee for months he did not live there? Bad business & I told them to come pick up the tank.

. .that was a month ago and its still there & I better not get charged rental for this month.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Unfortunately both of you were played by the previous owner. If amerigas owned the tank the owner of the house can not include that tank and propane in the sale agreement because they do not own it. The policy is when a tank changes customers such as this the old customer account is closed and any rental fees and propane in the tank is refunded back to them (and if a forwarding address is not given this refund will go to the address they have ) then when the new customers account is opened their rent starts from that point on and then they are charged for the propane in the tank.

I have read a lot of complaints on here that are very valid this however is not.


Had the same issue with Amerigas. When I purchased my house in PA there was propane in the 500 gal tank that the previous owner had already paid for.

Our contract stated that the propane in the tank would be conveyed with the house as part of the house sale agreement. After living in our house for a month -during the summer - propane was for heat only -

Amerigas came & locked our tank on us. They "held us ransom" for a $75 safety inspection - which we paid. Then they sent us a bill for the gas that was in the tank that was already paid for!!

I argued with them and eventually "won my case" - but I sure don't trust them! Every one I talk to has had bad experiences with them.

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