Hagerstown, Maryland

We have been a loyal customer to Amerigas for several years now, and the only loyal thing that Amerigas has done for us, is constantly try to rip us off!!!! The final straw has been laid here!

We received a bill that does not even state what the bill is for. Then, it also has a late fee tacked on to it!!!! We never even received a first bill!!!! So guess what?

The Better Business Bureau will be receiving a very nice letter from us about this "wonderful company" along with a copy of this "bill." Hopefully if enough folks out there include the BBB in on how we are being treated, maybe something will be done. And by the way, don't even try to call the customer service line!

That is unless you enjoy wasting your time listening to tasteless music for up to 30 minutes or more, while they are busy helping other customers!!!! Something must be done to stop this company from bullying the ones that have kept them going for so long!!!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Totally agree! Worst company EVER!!

Would someone know how to file a class action suit against this unethical, rip off company? Or contact the Attorney General's office? This company should be put out of business. Propane should be regulated like any other utility business.

They keep sending harassing phone calls and never return phone calls to resolve issues. The management hides behind these automated threatening phone calls. They have no interest in resolving issues. I wish CNN Anderson Cooper or someone would do an investigation into t his unethical company.

They do not do safety checks, they do not detect leaks. They have no concern for the safety of customers. They just want to make money and keep delivering and charging even though the bill is not right. There is no accountability whatsoever.

They don't return phone calls, they keep charging $36 late fee --- the computer generates these bills, calls. You are not able to talk to a human who can resolve or has authority to do anything. They want you to call the local district manager. When you call, he is either on vacation, or out of the office untill next week.

In the meantime, you get harrassing phone calls. You savvy Facebook people, can you put my comment on various social media ----this company has to be exposed.

Consumer has to be alerted and government has to intervene and investigate their accounting practice or lack of . They bully customer and is a totally unethical company.


BBB and Consumer Protection.


Amerigas Honesdale PA


your wasting your time with the BBB, they do not have any authority to do a thing, you need to contact the consumer protection division or an authority that can actually do something about it.

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