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I have been a customer of AmeriGas for a few years now. I only use about 300+/- gallons of propane per year, so my usage is relatively low in comparison with other residential propane customers. Today I called for a per gallon quote to refill my tanks and was told by Bobbie that the rate is $4.69. Odd, because I just got off the phone with two other propane dealers who quoted me (knowing my usage) $2.99/gallon and $3.18/gallon. Big difference, huh? So I asked Bobbie to please have someone come to remove the tanks. "Let me talk to my manager to see if we can offer you a lower rate." (Ever been to a car dealership?) "With AmeriLock, we can offer you $3.51/gallon - with no enrollment fee!" I explained my disappointment with AmeriGas, their rates, their delivery schedules (I once waited over a month for an AmeriGas propane delivery, and in the middle of winter) and again requested the tanks be picked up.

"Well we have thirty days to pick up the tanks," she says. (30 days? Okay...I see what kind of situation this is now.) I was told by a reputable source to watch them, because sometimes they'll even turn around and refill the tanks without notice. Unless they'd like a day in court, especially after the phone call I just had, they'd better not.

Then Bobbie says, "Well there is a cancellation fee, you know..." "A cancellation fee. And how much is that?" I ask, ready and waiting. "One hundred dollars," she says. I'll make this short and sweet. As I had to explain to Bobbie more than once, without a legal contract (an agreement between competent parties with a mutual understanding for a consideration or something of value, etc.) with a specified cancellation fee, NO company in this state or any other can charge any fees whenever they feel like it just because they feel like it. It's called consumer law (I think many companies would benefit from explaining this to their employees).

I now have two 120-gallon propane tanks sitting in my yard waiting to be picked up. I'll give them a week, and then I'll have to get my buddies over at the township involved. ;) No…I'll call them now to give them a heads up.

As a consumer, I will never use AmeriGas (Malvern) again, and would never recommend them to anyone. Ever.

[Slander/libel: false and/or malicious statements about another that brings injury to their reputation. Provided testimony is true there is protection from charges of libel, especially for consumers. All of the above testimony is true.]

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

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This company is the worst. I purchased my home in 2010.

The seller never disclosed that the tank was leased, but just this week, Amerigas came onto my property with no prior warning to me and locked out my tank. They say they bought the company that installed the tank and it is theirs. Now they want $1,000 for a 19 year old tank!

They refuse to negotiate, so I am making them come and remove the tank and will gladly pay someone else that has even a shred of customer service to put in a new tank. AMERIGAS is the worst company i have ever dealt with.


Exactly the same issue except they billed me $4.25/gal (over 400 gal per delivery) when competitive bid was $1.89/ gal. Can you say "Screwing me over?"


I also had to take them to court after there truck driver refused to admit he damaged my driveway so instead of that jack *** paying to have it fixed, I sued them and got 2,000 for the estimate. They are a poorly run company.


crazy, just got off the phone with them myself also been a customer for years now. They seemed good at first , but then there price is always going up.

Not cool.

$4.69/gal is really high. Would not recommend Amerigas to anyone trying to get a good deal.


yes BAD company. they will not pay for any freeze damage to your home when they do not keep up with there contract.

Stay away from the company


I wish you luck, corprate america can be tough.


Hey there worries, nothing illegal, unsafe, or anything even remotely like that. I live in a development where "junk" on lawns is prohibited.

Between the township and my cooperating community office, citations could be handed out to offenders. Since the tanks belong to Amerigas, if they're just left there, they're going to be considered junk. It'd be a long drawn out process I'm sure, but worth it in the end.

Oh here's an update. Watch out for the initial "sign here" contract with them, be sure to read the fine print.

That they can charge a removal fee/disconnect fee, etc. is actually on the contract.

There's no specified amount, though, which is vague and therefore by law in favor of the person signing the contract. Again, a bit of a drawn out process to fight it, but you'll still win.


Mr law and ethics: Well said, sounds like you did your homework and educated yourself a little on how the propane business works.

Good for you, until the last paragraph that is.

Your so called "buddies from the township" legally they or the township will not get involved, unless you and your township

buddies intend on doing something *** you may want to educate yourself some more on the safe handling and if your thinking about it transportation of 120 gallon tanks.


More of the same , property damage for removing the neighbors tacks. They drove on my lawn to access the tanks. Waiting to see how this turns out.

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