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In August of 2015 we visited the Blue Flame Gas store in Richmond, VT, in person to fill out the paperwork to have the propane service for our house turned back over to our names, after having tenants in the house the previous 4 years. Part of the paperwork was a credit check to assure that we could be put on the "auto-fill" program once the credit check cleared.

We heard nothing more from Blue Flame and assumed that everything was set up...until we ran out of propane last March (2016). Because Blue Flame, contrary to their promise, had never put us on the auto-fill program and the tank ran dry. So we had them fill it up, and again requested to be put on the auto-fill program and we were assured by customer service that they would do that. On March 15th this year during the blizzard we ran out of propane AGAIN.

No heat in the house, no hot water, no stove or oven...during a blizzard that ended up dropping over two feet of snow. And again, it was because Blue Flame had failed to put us on the auto-fill program after their Customer Service PROMISED TO DO THAT for our account last year. On 3/15/17 I called and spoke to "Mikaila" who said we could never have been put on the auto-fill program because our credit check had been "unable to be verified". Which they never told us!

She offered to do an instant credit check to allow us to have 30 days to pay the bill for this fill up, and it instantly came back as approved. AS COMPLETELY EXPECTED, we have excellent credit. So Blue Flame came out and filled the tank that day. We just got the bill.

They have charged us $4.829/gallon. We checked; the going price for propane that day in VT was $3.725. AND, as they had said on the phone, Blue Flame also charged us a $75 "special trip charge", AND Blue Flame charged us $75 for the mandatory leak/equipment inspection they conduct when a tank runs dry. Our bill is $4,071.06.

We never should have run dry ONCE, much less TWICE, and now they are gouging us to come and fill up the tank that they PROMISED they would come out to check and top off as needed on a regular basis. Ans we have to pay an additional $150 on top of the jacked up fuel price, for a "special delivery" fee and for the mandatory equipment check because the tank ran dry. If this had only happened once I would think it was an error or misunderstanding. But now it's happened twice and I think it could be a scam: tell customers you're putting them on the auto-fill program, don't do it, wait for the tank to run dry, and then overcharge exorbitant prices to fill up the empty tank.

What a racket, they have all the angles figure out! And because VT does not regulate fuel prices, this company can also charge anything they want per gallon for fuel while the customer has NO RECOURSE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Residential Gas Supply.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1137.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amerigas Pros: Courteous friendly drivers.

Amerigas Cons: Hostile customer service, Price gouging, Deceptive business practices, Repeated broken promises, Lack of forthcoming information regarding our account.

  • Hostile
  • Deceptive Buisiness Practices
  • Blue Flame
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