Hillsborough Township, New Jersey
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I have been a customer of Amerigas for over 15 years.I have been through the closing of offices and having my account handled from Stroudsburg Pa. After numerous occassions with being frustrated with the service I recieved from them I was relieved when I heard Chester Office was re-opening.

I have to say at that time I was ecstatic to see the newly renovated office and to meet the office managers.Ed,Connie and the staff.It was a pleasure speaking to Connie on numerous issues that I have had with the pricing,billing and deliveries. Unlike the services I received from previous encounters,Connie always took that extra step to explain,educate and emphasize with the concerns that I have had. I was very disheartened to hear that Connie and Ed resigned from the company which since then my experience with the local office has not been a good one. If I can suggest something I would suggest that you locate those two individuals and bring them back as that office today is a train wreck in the happening.

I can never get a hold of the office so I drive 15 miles to the office to be greeted by a clerk names Nicole who was very rude with speaking to me, had no answers and seemed that she had no knowledge of the product she was selling. I have to say since this time I have been looking into switching companies not due to pricing but the service I receive, the uneducated reps you have there and the other big guy,I think his name is Perry has no idea how to handle any situations.

I dont want excuses I want answers to the simple questions i have had. Anyway, I hope to find all in good health and find those Office Managers and get them back!!!!!!!!

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Wow!! Thank you so much whoever you are..

This is Connie and I apologize that you are having such a difficult time with amerigas.

I tried to come back to Chester but my request was denied turns out all the old managers have left as well and I certainly would recommend sending a letter to the corporate office in regards to your dissatifcation and experiences with the local office. Best to you.

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