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I have been with Amerigas for many years.I am on budget billing, and have always paid my bill on time. In June my contract was due to expire.

I always talk with Mary Ellen. I asked her if I need to resign a new contract. She said, no it automatically will roll over. Your new payment will be $65.00 a month.

So I continued to make my payment every month as usual. In Oct. 2018, I get a letter from a collection agency, telling me I owe Amerigas over &400. I called Amerigas to find out what this was about.

Oh, I'm told something happened and my account didn't roll over, and even though I've been making my budget bill payment every month, and they have accepted it every month, they never mentioned what had happened, and are charging me a $36 late fee every month!! If I hadn't got the letter from the collection agency, I wouldn't have had any idea this had happened! My online account shows I owe them $320.00, in reality I owe them $176.00... they have added 4 late fees to the total,which I don't even owe them!

And they've turned me into collection, that was all their fault, not mine. This is the most unbeleiveable thing I've ever seen, especially from a big company like Amerigas!!! Then they lied, and told me they didn't know I had been turned into collection. The collection agency told me they have been getting the payment I make to Amerigas every month!!!

They will not take my calls when I call to make my payment, or order my propane. I have to go threw corporate! I told them they best get me out of collection,and erase all these late charges they are charging me, or I am going to sue them, I should not be on collection because of their mistake, nor paying them late fees...I make the payment they told me to pay every month!!! If they where a decent company they should pay off the collection,and let me continue to make my payments as I always have, why am I being billed for their error???


Unbeleiveable!!What a rip off, lying, company!!! I will be switching company's as soon as this is resolved, they just lost an A+ customer, all because of their stupidity!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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