Milpitas, California
Not resolved

I was customer of AmeriGas since 1988, and every time they filled up my tank the

Price was always above $3.00. Also the customer service in my area which I call the Dead Scotts Valley Ca, office they gave me the run-a-round when I call about my tank needing to be fill, one person would say a date the that date came I called again told me a different date.

So I called AmeriGas to cancelled my service in August and on September 28 they pick up my tank 40 days after I called and the driver told me I had about 22 gals in my tank so I call to see about getting a refund for the gas I paid for at $3.85 gal = about $84.00.

I was told my Drawde at Scotts Valley Office, that AmeriGas does not refund the gas.

When they send you an invoice they want the money!

I just got tired about the high price so I call different Propane company and found one that is in my area and the price are something I could pay since I’m retired

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Customer Care.

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