475 North 6Th St., Prescott, AZ 86301, USA
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I took my 30 year old tank with the old style valve to the Prescott location and they certified it and charged me $8. And when I took it back to get it filled again they took the certification sticker off and refused to fill also refused to refund the $8. Charge that I paid for the certification!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Tell them rod jones said it was ok. Lol


Man , they ran up one side of you ,and down the other ! Those tanks have been outlawed for decades.

That's why I wear my " ask me why Amerigas sucks " shirt. They're the waste management of the gas industry. No owner on the premises, just employees with an axe over their head. Probably if you went "above their head " they'd demand a receipt instead of just giving you back the eight bucks.

Can 't understand how they stay in business.

I ask strangers and friends alike who they do business with. If they say the A word, I direct them to this site.