Hopewell, Virginia
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We recently got hit by hurricane i have a generator and use amerigas as my supplier They changed me from monthly payments to pay before delivery without notice. So I was down to 30 % when I lost power.

When I did call they charged me 400 for 100 gallons of gas. I think they are extortionists. I tried to file a complaint and they basically said oh well tough you messed up your payments. I had been a customer for 6 years and this is how I am treated.

Bad customer relations also....overcharging and non responsive during times of need. THEY SUCK do not use them

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Im with you Patti I believe UseYourBrain has a hand in Amerigas. I also believe this person has made several comments on others complaints under other names.

Wording is the same just posted by different names. Ive just read well over a hundred complaints about Amerigas. They sound awful and they are currently in process of buying my provider.

Guess time to start looking around. :?


You must have amerigas stock. It wasn't entirely the price issue.

The event from start to finish was the issue. Since it didn't happen to you...it is fodder for opinion mill, which by the way is just that.

And there is an age old saying about opinions. I was explaining a treatment by a business, not an opinion.


These prices aren't even remotely close to "price gouging". Uninformed consumers like yourself hear some fancy term on the news one night and think you suddenly know everything about how propane pricing works.

Smaller companies sell propane for cheaper because they're cutting corners and can afford to. But then good luck getting their cheap *** out to fix your leak in the middle of the night. You get what you pay for, just like you do with everything else in life.

If you want to go with the lowest possible bidder when it comes to a tank of explosive gas sitting next to your house, well, you obviously care more about your wallet than your family.

Also why don't you stop whining to the BBB and state's attorney. They have real cases to take care of, not your whining because you paid the market rate for propane because you're too dense to lock your price in.


I have filed with BBB and with their customer service (cooperate) level they were just patronizing. The states attorney is a good idea I will move forward with that.

Now they are telling me I HAVE to buy 220 gallons MINIMUM from them. I found another supplier to put a new tank in.

But I am still gonna be the "town crier" about this situation to whom ever I can. Thanks again


Please read my posting "Angel550" from a few days ago. Same problem as you.

I called five other local propane dealers and received price points for what the true market value was of propane on the day of delivery. (More than a dollar less per gallon than Amerigas charged.) I contacted my Better Business Bureau who has intervened on my behalf. Amerigas has responded by amending my bill to a more reasonable rate per gallon.

If this had not happened, I was prepared to go to my state attorney general's office to file a complaint of price gouging--a serious charge during a hurricane. Good luck.

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