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We have used Amerigas for almost 10 years (at 2 places, ours and a rental). When we decided to switch; they said they would charge us to remove the remaining gas, they would charge for termination, and they would charge for tank pickup.

We said no way are we paying that!! So; the manager said they would waive the $100 fee if we would pay the rest. So we said okay. and they came and got the tank.

THEN we got the bill for the $100 disconnect fee!!

My husband called and complained but they are denying they ever said that. It is time for someone to take them to court.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

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I to have used this company for many years, I have went into the local Lima Oh office and feel like I was ran over by a bus !, I went in to talk about my so called Budget pay, They wanted $350.00 from me even though I used almost 1/2 less then prior years and I have a $750. credit on my account, I am told that in order to stay I still need to pay, When I said I would quit The Blonde Bimbo who recently took over informs me that I would be charged $100.

to do so and after all is settled It would take up to 8 weeks to get my money back, I do not know where they got this Mgr. from but they should have kept looking she has NO SKILLS AT ALL, if this is there choices no wonder they cant keep people


customer for 15 years. Started checking around and found several suppliers that were $2.00 or more cheaper per gallon than Amerigas.

Gave Amerigas the chance to match their price and they refused. The new company unhooked amerigas tank and moved it to a spot to be picked up, took over 2 weeks and then received a bill for $106.00 for amerigas to pick up their own tank.

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