Rochester, New York

After using Amerigas propane for 5 yrs. I changed providers and they are charging 100.00 because I am changing provider of services. I fullfilled my contract with them paid restocking fees,but I refuse to pay 100.00 for excersizing MY RIGHT TOO CHOOSE A PROVIDOR of propane.I talked to Randall Sams (office mgr) about this matter.He claims this is policy,this company constantly comes up with new fees.I was a customer since 11/8/07 after reviewing contract NO where in contract does it mention this fee,therefore I do not feel obligated too pay this fee and have agreed too pay the bill and other fees.

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Just a little imput to your 100.00 termination problem! I called to cancel and was told the same thing.

I had an idea, I decided to check out a few more complaints about this issue and came across a gentleman who not only was a consumer, but also an employee. He suggested exactly what I intended to do. So I called my local office back, this is almost a week later since my first call to come and remove the tank. I told them I am charging them storage fees at a rate of $10.00 a day.

I also contact the area manager and explained the same. I intend on sticking to this and when they finally decided to come and pick up the tank, what ever there storage fee's are. I will deduct that from the termination fee and send them a check for the balance.

If however, there storage fee's are more than the termination fee's I will send THEM a bill on a monthly basis, and after 30 days I am charging them 15% interest! We'll see what happens, I will let you know!!


The easieast thing to do in any situation is to see if you actually signed a contact!!! If you di then read it!!!

If you did not then you are not liable for any and I mean any temination fee. A temination fee is a fee that is associated with you discontinuing service. If you didnt agree to it, you dont need to pay it.

Always escalate your compalaint and if your given the run around, write the Autorny General, that is what that office is for. You have the power and right to chose who your provider is at no charge as long as you did not sign a contract.


If it's allowed in your area - BUY your tank. If you own your tank the suppliers work for you. If you lease a tank then you work for them.

Tanks are cheap in comparison to the *** the LP suppliers pull on their 'locked in' customers.

When I call around for prices, if I hear a number I don't like, I just laugh and hang up and call the next one.

The suppliers generally are different in certain areas - mainly due to the local office, but I have yet to hear about any AmGas dealer that was on the up and up.

And Propane User - not sure where you are, but my local Ferrell Gas distributor has been great. They've given me the lowest price on 3 of my last 4 fills. In comparison, AmGas has never quoted me a low price... it's been consistently $.50 - $1.00 per gal higher than what I've paid (a couple of occasions they were over $1.50/gl more)

Now who can explain that??


Just curious, if you cancel with your cell phone provider today, will there be a fee? It's humorous to me that people are still surprised about termination fees, with any company.

No one likes it, everyone complains, including myself, but really, you're surprised? An to VB in regards to your budget, did you try calling to verify if the new amount was valid, or if it could be lowered?

Simple things like calling if you have a concern, question, or request, can go a long way. Funny how easy it is to google some pissed off website and make complaints, but trying to actually fix the resolution for YOUR best interest is too much work.


Good luck with that in about a year Suburban will do the same thing. Also watch your bill rise with them.

They probably gauranteed you a certain price if so that will last probably through the summer. Ferrell gas is the same way.


Yes, I'm in the same boat as you. Read the fine print.

They changed there policy awhile back and we accept these terms when we accept and receive a delivery. It's not fair, I know. But it is legal. They have the right to change there terms every month and as long as we get a fill up we accept the terms.

I am no longer a customer as of today. There customer service is horrible. I'm not for sure what's going on, but management should look into training the staff. I was a customer is good standing for over 7 years, then out of the blue this Jan, my bill doubled...they could not explain why, no one knew why, WHAT???

My settle month is in July, not Jan, why is my bill doubling?

WELL...Suburban Propane is delivering a tank to me today and customer service so far is #1 in my book...even came out to my home. Good Bye Amerigas!!!

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