Honesdale, Pennsylvania

I been with this company 8 yrs. Now am with a company that is not charging me a rental fee and the many other hidden charges.

So when I called them to remove their tanks they asked me if the tanks were empty and I told them they were.Then they told me they would have to charge me a disconnection fee. I told them they were already disconnected. Well now they are saying they must charge me $95.00 termination fee. I looked and the agreement nothing is mention about that.

So I told them take me to court cause am not paying! gave them 30 days to pick up their tanks or I will charge them for storage.

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We are sorry to hear about your situation and apologize for your recent experience with AmeriGas. AmeriGas prides itself on providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and we would like to help.

At your convenience, please contact Fran directly via email at customerfirstfran@amerigas.com so we can promptly assist you with this issue. To better assist you, please provide your AmeriGas customer number, phone number or the address and zip code where your propane tank is located.

Thank-You. AmeriGas Customer Service.


My guess is that RednecksAreDumb works for Amerigas and is probably paid by them to write nasty comments to their unhappy ex-customers. You are wrong about your facts about other propane companies.

You are right about one thing, they do send you to collections...even when you've already paid. They DO NOT tell you up front what all the fees and charges are.


We had been with Amerigas for 18 years and have paid them well over $190,000 during that time because we were an agricultural account. When we took our poultry farm out of production and paid our final bill for the farm, we opened a residential account.

They set us up in February at $150.00 per month, supposedly based on our historical house and guest house usage, or so we were told. Since they have the records of what we used for 18 years in our house, we thought they knew what they were doing. In September we received a bill for 2,350. When I called them to ask why we had this charge, they explained that we were underpaying and we had to pay this and then they would recalculate our payment for the next year.

Their settlement month is in September. I refused to pay it initially because I was so angry with them for setting the monthly amount too low. Then I told them I would pay half one month and the other half another month. That was fine.

Then, once paid, instead of calculating our monthly amount and billing us that, they billed us for the next load of gas at well. I called and told them I wanted it on monthly and they said it would take some time to set up and we would just have to pay the amount charged. Again, I paid in two payments. Two days after I paid the last payment on Nov 3, they turned us over to a collection company.

I paid them online and have emails they sent to me saying they received the payment on November 3. I tried every number I could find to call to vent but there doesn't seem to be any way to speak to a human. Their collection agency apologized and said that it "happens all the time and not to worry, they don't report to the credit bureau." That did nothing to make me feel any better. We had to take our poultry farm out of production solely because we spent all of our earnings in the summer paying for the propane we used for three months in the winter.

They take advantage of people and then they won't even man up and listen to your complaint. This is the kind of corporation I would love to see go down. They are unfair to their employees. They hire them in the winter and fire them in the summer.

This was once a good company and very pleasant to deal with. Their employees responded well to any problem. About two years ago things started changing and the local offices lost all control of decision making.

The problem is that they think they are the only game in town and in some areas that is true. Fortunately for us they aren't the only game and we found a locally operated supplier that treats the customers like people.

And I will tell you right now I have already contacted a lawyer about tank removal and I won't hesitate to take action if they don't pick them up.

I am going to begin lobbying for regulations on what propane companies can charge. They always have some lame excuse why their prices go up when everyone else's go down or stay the same. This is price gouging and it needs to be stopped.

I hate to think what they do to the people who live in areas where they are the only game in town. A pitiful excuse for a company.


To Rednecks are dumb,

I worked for amerigas for over three years and just left there. For you to tell this person that it is written in the contract, you are so wrong it is no mention of it in the contract nor does the sales person tell you upfront and we are taught not to mention it to the customer.

How about you do your research on them? They charge way more than the competition and where most companies will work with the older customers Amerigas is the first to place a lock on their tank and a lot of the times we lock off their tank for a tank rental tell me where that is fair. They will charge you the $95.00 fee to close out your account, only if you want a refund on the gas that is left in the tank.

If you do not want a refund they will waive the fee. To get the fee waived call them and tell them that you do not want a reading on the tank.


1. The termination fee is clearly explained in your contract. Learn to read.

2. The sales person that set you up with your account thoroughly explained the pump out and termination fees. Learn to shutup and listen.

3. AmeriGas only charges a rental fee when you don't order at least half a tank per year. Most other propane companies charge a rental fee NO MATTER WHAT. If they aren't charging you rent, they're getting that money from you in other ways, guaranteed.

4. AmeriGas will not take you to court. They will, however, send your account to collections if you don't pay the bill. From there, you'll be harassed by collectors and your credit rating will be damaged. All because you couldn't be bothered to read or listen when you were told UP FRONT about the way your account works.


They are desperate! they have cut everything, even employee hours....everyone, read the writing on the wall..... Spin Off

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