Bensalem Township, Pennsylvania
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2 years ago, I built a new garage and studio on my property and had Amerigas install a new 1000 gallon propane tank. The original estimate from the sales agent was $400 to install it which was documented in a contract. However, after installing it, the company sent me a bill for almost $2000. After many discussions and visits to their Malvern office, the company turned the bill over to their collections and only after I told them to remove the tank (which would have been at my expense) did they agree to "settle" for $800. Their explanation of the difference is charge was that the salesman made a mistake and the signed contract was wrong, however, according to the contract, they could change this cost or any others at any time. At the time of install, since the tank was rented (which obligated me to purchase propane only from Amerigas)I would pay $200 per year rental but get the a "price break" since I would be a "preferred customer" since I had a 1000 gallon tank and was required to purchase from them.

Most recently, in April 2013, I had them come out to fill the 1000 tank which was empty but showed gas due to a faulty gas gauge. On this trip, they charged me $3.90 per gallon even though 3 other suppliers I called were charging about a $1.00 per gallon less. Last year the difference between the Amerigas and other company's propane price was 70 cents and when I questioned that difference, I was told that this kind of difference was very rare.

If I had a small propane tank, I understand that the cost is higer, however, this is a 1000 gallon tank. Earlier today, however, when I called to question the difference between their prices and others, they offered to sign me up for their "guaranteed price program" at $2.73 per gallon which is today's cost (May 16, 2013). When I questioned the $1.27 difference between the April 24 and May 16 cost of propane, the representative said that the price had dropped in a month and that is why they were offering the lower, locked price. When I asked about the difference between their prices and others, the representative said that she could not speak to other company's prices.

At this point, I have requested the price to buy the tank from Amerigas so I never have to deal with them again. Every conversation and transaction with this company has left me felt cheated and taken advantage of. I would strongly recommend that no one do business with this company. Since I can't take them to court (contract calls for arbitration only), my next step is a report to the Better Business Bureau.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerigas Gas Tank.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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